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Mutants and Masterminds Books?

Mutants and Masterminds Books?

I would like to start playing Mutants and Masterminds. I have no previous knowledge of this system and was wondering what books I should buy.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the basic books I'd need to buy to play or GM a game of this system? As well as what edition I should start with? Thanks!

Well 3rd Edition is fairly simple for you to get started with since there are far less books to buy. You can either get the basic 3e Mutants and Masterminds book or the DC Adventures book which is basically the same thing with a spiffy DC license attached and some DC Universe characters already made up for you.

2nd edition of course has a large selection of books, but you're likely going to have a hard time finding some of them unless your content to just buy PDFs online.

There are some rule changes between editions as well. Some people really liked them, other raged. Powers and all of course got a overhaul. Some got reworked, some retooled, a few have mysteriously vanished(at least until an expansion brings them back) Some of the more dramatic changes was going from 6 stats in 2nd Edition to now 8 stats in 3rd. They basically took the dexterity stat and dissected it into 3 separate categories. Now you might have really good hand-to-eye coordination for shooting a gun but arent automatically that that agile when it comes to acrobatics.

If you like the more D&D stat approach you might want to stay with 2e I've seen the main book as a PDF selling for as cheap as $10. If you want stats a little more in-depth you might want to check out the newer edition.

Sweet! Thanks for the run down ArcaneDesperado! Do you know which edition is played more on MW?

I believe most of the recent MnM games have been using the 3rd edition rule set. However there is still a decent following for the 2e crowd. I personally have moved into the 3rd edition crowd. I enjoy the DC license and want to see it continue to thrive. If I ever decide to run something outside of NWoD at the moment I'd likely run something from MnM 3e. Of course I really want to PLAY in a game. The last one I had to back out of from work conflicts.

Okay, thanks. I think I'll focus on the 3e books for now and then get the 2e books as money comes available.

All I seem to find on 3e books is the Heroes Handbook and the Gamemaster's Guide (which I've been unable to find in PDF). Do they have DC books for 2e too? I'd hate to buy a book thinking it was 3e and it actually be 2e lol.

Maybe we could get a game going in a few days...I don't know who would DM it, but we could post a "Looking for DM" ad in the game planning thread for it!

The Gamemasters Guide I believe was coming out July 12th, along with both Heroes and Villains books for the DC side of things. As for the matter of DC, there is no 2nd edition DC product that I am aware of and anything MnM DC is 3rd edition. Which really should only be three possible products at this time, two of which should have to be pre-order.

As said with 3rd Edition there are far less books to buy at current.

Awesome! Thanks for all your help ArcaneDesperado!

Just to chime in with my two cents, I'd be targeting the third edition stuff right now. I think it's an improvement overall and more importantly, most of the things people are upset about losing are either easily refitted to 3rd or were constant sources of troublesome, broken characters.

There's a mix of 2nd and 3rd edition in games here, but more of the new games are 3rd and that's going to continue, with the percentage probably increasing.

If you buy a print copy of the DC Adventures Hero's Handbook book instead of the (newer) non-DC branded Mutants and Masterminds 3rd ed. Hero's Handbook book, make sure you check out the official errata. DCA shipped with a bunch of minor (and some major) errors. These were fixed in the current PDFs and in the non-DC 3rd ed. books (as far as I know).

Leons1701 and Law, thanks for your input! I'll see what I can do and what I can afford.


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