nWoD Mortals in Boston, need 1-2

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nWoD Mortals in Boston, need 1-2

Long Cold Winter - Forum
World of Darkness
Estimated Members Requested: 2

Looking for 1-2 people to join 4 that are still working on their characters. This will be a Hunter game, but I find the organizations to be really quite silly, and actually haven't got much love for any of the nWoD fluff at all. As such, you can expect that knowledge of nWoD fluff won't really help you, and may even hinder you with expectations. I'll be cleaving closer to oWoD fluff, but you don't need to know anything about it to succeed in this game.

This game will take place in Boston, MA, with a theme of Ghosts of the Past. The already recruited players are Kossil, Nighteyes5678, estlin, and McSherrie. They have created, respectively:
28 year old female archaeology student who can't seem to ever leave college
26 year old male parkour freak / contractor with the BPD
37 year old male art history professor with a drinking problem
23 year old female cop lusting after a spot on SWAT

The forum is, as yet, sparse because I've been giving them plenty of time to work their concepts out, but also because you don't need much for the setting. As far as your characters are concerned, there is no alternate history in play. The game will start
There's a good, solid reason why I'm not setting a firm date. I like to run characters through solo or duet Preludes which don't always go exactly as long as I expect them to. In order to avoid timeline problems, I keep dates soft until the group is together.
on or near June 1, 2011. You can use the internet to get information about and maps of the Greater Boston area.

Characters will run through Preludes. That is, when you write up your character, s/he should not have had any contact whatsoever with anything remotely not explainable. People s/he knows will not have connections to anything in the darkness, as far as your character knows. Whether one or more of his/her contacts does have those kinds of connection or that kind of knowledge is up to me, not you. This does not bar you from having dots in Occult prior to game start, but the information from that may or may not be useful. You'll have a sort of 'penalty', in that I'll do a second roll when you succeed on Occult which will determine if you get real information or fake stuff.

Important: This game will be written in third person past tense.

Minimum age 18.
Use the Core book only. For now.
I recommend some familiarity with some kind of fighting skill to start. Your character need not be a black belt, a sharpshooter, or any other sort of combat expert, but you should at least know which end of the gun shoots the bullets, and/or how to get out of a grapple situation. Being more competent is acceptable, just not required.

A completed sheet is not required. Have some thoughts about areas of skill, but there's no need to figure out dots for anything at this point.
I prefer biographical information as bullet points, not paragraphs.
Include a list of the hostages close people in your character's life, with at least a paragraph of information to guide my characterization of each.
A writing sample is required, spoilered, and it should be a vignette starring your character in a routine, daily life sort of situation.
If you wish to make your submission private, use a private tag in this thread. No submissions by PM, please.

Deadline for expressions of interest: 6/20
Deadline for completed submissions: 6/27

Posting frequency: At least 1/day. You will get left behind if you can't keep up with that.

Game Description:

"Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Isabella who captured the heart of her King. They married and their first child was an adorable little girl, Amelie. Isabella had an older sister, though, one who was a witch and hated her sister for becoming Queen. In the dark of night, the witch stole into the nursery and placed a curse on the baby. On her tenth birthday, long after her parents grew to love her and cherish her, she would fall into a deep, dreamless sleep, never to awaken-"

"Daddy," Amelie interrupted sternly, "that's not how the story goes. What about the spinning wheel? And it's supposed to happen when she's sixteen, so she can find someone to fall in love with first and he can kiss her to wake her up!"

He smiled indulgently at his little girl. "I'm telling it how it really was, though. Disney changed the story a lot."

"I like the Disney one," she pouted and pulled up her Tinker Bell sheets to cover all but her head in protest.

Chuckling lightly, Allen reached out to ruffle her hair and tried not to mock her too much. "Disney makes everything sugar-coated. Not too much danger or death, and everyone who deserves one gets a happy ending. The bad people either die or get punished. Real life isn't like that, sweetheart. Sometimes good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people."

"That sucks. I want the Disney version."

"Everyone does, sweetie. Everyone does."

I write fantasy and superhero books!
Find me on Twitter, FB, and Goodreads, and check out my blog or its reposts on my tumblr.

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Interest. Rolling a few characters in my head now.

posting interest as a 32 year old bar owner / Ex street racer

You don't need to know Hunter, you only need the core book and that's it. No knowledge whatsoever of the background, special mechanics, or anything else about Hunter: the Vigil is required. Your character will begin before s/he meets the darkness.


I have a few interesting concepts.

Also helps that I grew up in Boston, so I can't pass up a chance to return home!

Expressing interest as a street corner magician who uses his nimble fingers and trickery to con people out of their money (or receive it for his entertainment value).

Expressing interest as 21 year old computer science college student who always got into legal troubles because of hacking web sites and computers , he is known between his collages as genius when it come to computers .


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