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3.5 Boss fight

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Bro, they're gonna die... 1 7.69%

Originally Posted by KaelRekulls View Post
@ Ruckus I think he's trying to make a fight not kill them lol.

I would recommend lackeys come every now and then. What you could do is make the Troll use the surroundings to his advantage. Give him water breathing and make him jump down into the water so he can regenerate every 1d4+2 rounds.
He already has the aquatic subtype as he's a Scrag.

Is it particularly important for Westig to be a fighter/ranger? I might drop those levels for four levels of Wizard or Druid. With an int/wis score of 12, he'd have access to second level spells (including resist energy, trololololo) and it wouldn't actually change his CR since casting classes are nonassociated class levels for giants, because giants specialize in bashing things to pieces.

If he was a druid, he could also have a pet squid and summon more aquatic nasties to harry the PCs as they try to take him down. Not to mention, he could heal the lethal damage he takes this way.

Even then, a CR 7 creature isn't really boss material against 6 ECL 6 PCs (which is a party level of 7.2, going off of the average CR guidelines. You're at just barely below average encounter material right now). I might throw in another level of the casting class (not enough to increase Westig's CR above 7, but enough to give him two second level spells assuming an ability score of 12. Hello, 10 resistance to fire and acid which, if nothing else, will cost one of your casters a targeted Dispel Magic). Throw a couple crocodiles in the water for good measure. And for intimidation. They'll eat anyone that dares to cross the Mighty Westig, and raise the EL to an even 8, which is probably high enough considering the terrain disadvantage on the part of the PCs.

I might also include a few break-away planks on the bridge that'd cause the PC that stepped on them to fall into the pool if he failed a reflex save. Maybe attach the planks to a dinner bell so the crocs know it's feeding time.

If you're looking at JUST a scrag, then this fight is going to be weaksauce. He's going to get completely overwhelmed by the PC's overwhelmingly favorable number of actions or get one shotted by a spellcaster's will save spell. As-is, this is barely a speedbump.

Throw in three or four Giant Crocodiles that the ranger has trained. That should even things out.

The Scrag is the ranger. He's a figher 1/ranger 1.

Originally Posted by TheWhitefire View Post
He already has the aquatic subtype as he's a Scrag.
Didn't notice that. Whoops. I still think him ducking down into the water would be an interesting tactic. I like he crocodile idea. Maybe have the bridge collapse so that they have to kill the crocs before the boss.

Originally Posted by TheWhitefire View Post
The Scrag is the ranger. He's a figher 1/ranger 1.
Right. Which is why I was saying, since he's a Ranger, it's entirely within the realm of possibility that he's trained some animal assistance. Sorry I wasn't clear there.

I'd rate this encounter as weaksauce, for a few reasons:

Now, how do we fix this? Here's a few ideas:

I edited the OP with some new information.

Still no real skill monkey, so traps are out of the question.

Druid at level 6 will make the water less of an obstacle, so I would recommend throwing some beasties in there to take on a wildshaped druid at their level, especially if said druid has "natural spell."

Warmage is fairly easy to counter, just take a look at what spells the Warmage has available. One thing to consider is if that Warmage didn't bother with any acid spells, to keep that scrag under water as long as possible, since above the water the scrag will be incredibly vulnerable to a warmage's fire attacks.


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