Replacement DM

Hello. I am a DM of three games. I am going into the military and my boot camp date is set to be October 26th or if I get a contract shift I don't know the date but I will be gone for at least two months. I don't think my players would like to wait two months for me to come back so I'm looking for a replacement DM for the two months I'm gone.

The Three Campaigns

For Whom the Bell Tolls: This campaign is about an Elder Evil being sent upon the world. Unfortunately it's true. There are two groups. One going for the end of the world, and another going against it. I would like a very experienced DM for this due to having two groups to deal with. Has not started yet, no map yet, and story line has been made.

A Brand New World: This is a demon based campaign. The group are hunting demons and a war has just been won over the demons but that was just wave one. There are more coming. Can the group survive? Game is being restarted because players aren't posting but I do have replacements, No map yet, there is also a new deity, Twin Blood, their back story is basically made, also there is a new prestige class, and story line has been made. I would like a DM with access to Hordes of the Abyss

No Rest for the Wicked. This is an evil based campaign. The main plot is the king is purging the kingdom of evil. So the group is working with a NPC Kael Rekulls (My personal character from a game i played long ago) to over throw the kingdom. There is a Map, the story line has been set in motion, and I am in the progress of creating the King. A DM with access to BoED and BoVD would be proffered.

What I'm looking for in the DM: Has had experience as a DM, creative, can at least post more then once a day, and has a flexible schedule.

Interested in DMing? If you're interested in DM a game tell me and I'll add you as a reader so you can see what's going on. Also the DM can't be a player. It'd be no fun if you knew what was going to go on.

What I'd like you to do as the DM: You and I will talk personally about the group and what progress should be made when I leave such as side quest, main quest, ect.

Now that all the information has been said this is how I will be evaluating who's going to be a replacement.

I would like you to create a side quest for the group. Here are the requirements.
1. Creative
2. Long and challenging
3. Involves multiple locations and people. (If you want to DM for any game that has a map use locations on the map please or if you want to create a city just pass it by me please)
4. Is connected to the theme of the campaign.
5. Is planned for fun and challenge not death and agony.

I would like to see at least the skeleton of the side quest withing two weeks when you become a reader. The skeleton is just how it starts (how they start on the path), possible effects, and who or what the main target is of the quest is. I would like the full thing a month after it's approved. You don't have to make the rooms and everything but the encounters, treasure, the boss, and the plot line. All side quest will be looked at and the winners will become an assistant DM permanently.

I can't wait to see and talk to all who are interested. Thank you for reading and hope to see request soon. Also if you have any questions tell me.