Dragon Age - The Second Schism

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Dragon Age - The Second Schism

Dragon Age: The Second Schism - Forum
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Dragon Age - The Second Schism

"And you though Blights were the only things that could rip apart Thedas..." Anon

The entire continent of Thedas is in turmoil. Due to the events of the Second Battle of Kirkwall, The Circle of Magi and the Templar Order have both abandoned the Chantry, and are on the brink of all out warfare. Throughout Thedas, mage and templar clash, and the people caught in the crossfire can only try to get out of the way.

The Andrastrian Chantry, twice crippled, is crumbling; its voice growing weaker and weaker compared to the bloodthirsty cries it tries to pacify. Without the Chantry's guidance (and, as the more cynical believe, without the Chantry's threat of arms and magic) nations are on the brink of war with each other. On top of that, the enigmatic Qunari rage anew in the north, and even in the Tevinter Imperium, some of its magisters are thinking back to its glory days when it controlled all of Thedas with Blood Magic.

Now more than ever, Thedas needs its heroes. But, with the two living heroes of the Age missing, Thedas is sorely lacking. It falls to new men, elves and dwarves of courage to step up and save Thedas from itself. The gauntlet has been thrown down, who will pick it up?

Game Description

The game is set in Thedas following the events of
Fair Warning: This game, including the "Lore" Section of the forum will contain spoilers for both video games and other canon sources.
Dragon Age 2. For ease, I have put the common knowledge of the events of the two games as they stand in this game here as well as useful information of how things stand throughout the continent. This is currently being updated at the moment, but take it that whatever is there is what is common knowledge, or at least substantiated rumour in the local tavern.

The game will start initially with a short prologue delving into your character's background before diving into the game proper. It worked so well for Origins, I see no reason why it won't work now, and it gives you a chance to find your characters feet whilst (possibly) concentrating on the beginnings of their goals.

Game Set Up

This game will use Green Ronin's Dragon Age rules system. The Dragon Age RPG is labeled as a ‘dark fantasy' game meaning you cannot expect things to be happy and easy within the world. Bad things will happen, often to good people, and even the 'good guys' have dark skeletons in their closets. Both the video games and the pen and paper game focus on choices having consequences, so expect it to come up in this game.

Character Creation

This can be found within the main forum here, in the thread for the applications. Please make all relevant rolls here. Please read the guidelines and if you need help then feel free to ask! I am looking to pick 4-6 players.

Character Roster

These are all of the current characters that have been brought to my attention, with a link to their applications, so you can possibly develop links with each other as you create them (Friendly GM Hint: Having links with other potential PCs will increase the chances of being picked).


Any questions feel free to ask me them here.

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In the game thread. The link is in the opening post, but for ease of reference, please find it below.

Application Thread

Working on an App currently. ^_^ Looking at making either a City Elf Rogue or an Orlesian Exile Rogue...can't decide.

I'm definitely interested. I'm in California for a wedding so I'm not sure if I will be able to get out an application until after the 4th but we will see.

Also, I'm looking forward to reading through the history and see which of the DAO & DA2 plot threads you are establishing as cannon.


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