Need adventurers for a 3.5 adventure

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Need adventurers for a 3.5 adventure

Dungeons and Dragons: The Tomb of Haggemoth and Beyond - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Jul 8 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 6

I am in need of 5-6 players for this 3.5 adventure.

This is primarily an adventure of exploration and intrigue, where the motto “Getting there is half the fun” certainly applies. A great deal of this adventure takes place in the great outdoors, and parts will rely on negotiation. While there is plenty of combat to be had, the party would do well to consider a wider variety of skill then a normal dungeon crawl would demand.

If you think you can be a frequent poster and follow the rules outlined then you may apply in the application thread at the following link:

Adventure Background

The Tomb of Haggemoth
You have received a letter from Zenatos, aged bard and former treasure seeker, with whom you are well acquainted with. You know he specializes in mythic treasure (wild goose chases) and have lost quite a bit of coin as a result in you past dealing(s). Your reward instead, seems to be the collection of truly interesting and sometimes bizarre stories and/or scars rather then treasure.

The letter has a sense of urgency to it, so you have traveled to the small coastal town of Ottoman Dock to see what outlandish and improbable quest Zenatos has for you this time…maybe you will actually make some coin…

Game Description:

You slipped, to claim victory in such a manner would be lacking honor...I would not have earned the right to lead. Besides I prefer to defeat my opponents the old fashion way...BRUTALLY!!

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i'll give it a bash... i prefer a higher starting level but it's fine...

Originally Posted by Zoalord;4536684
1.[/B] We will use a Point Buy system of 32 point (for more information see DMG page 169, I can provide more information if need be).
Then add +2 to all those numbers you buy.
Just to clarify: Do I add +2 to the Characteristic or is it +2 points? For example if I spend 6 points and make my STR a 14, does my STR become 16 (14 +2 STR) or 15 (6 points for 14 +2 points makes it 15)?

I have a few questions.

1. Since the characters are already "seasoned adventurers" per your campaign description, is there a chance that the starting level can be bumped up to say, level 4? It seems rather odd that somebody who's been adventuring for a while is still only a level 1 character.

2. Is there a reason Complete Divine/Warrior sources are allowed, but Complete Mage/Arcane isn't?

3. No PHB2?

i was going war mage... i would say its more an extra, it supports both frontliners and casters, if done properly. if you want the war mage i'll find something else maybe a samurai...

Edit as greyfeild says it is a little weird to play a seasoned adventurer at first level... we should either have a higher starting level or be fresh recruites...

Originally Posted by Umezawa View Post
i was going war mage... i would say its more an extra, it supports both frontliners and casters, if done properly. if you want the war mage i'll find something else maybe a samurai...
To be fair, the GM's listing is a little... odd. A lot of those classes fit under multiple roles, so it's not like they just fit into neat little boxes. In any group, you're probably going to run into some role overlap. It's to be expected, really.

Darn, do those sources mean no Warlock?
There goes my blaster concept :P


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