Chapter 10: Old Stone

Caedmon acknowledges Marin's discontent as she enters the room, but at the discovery of what appears to be a secret door his focus clearly shifts back to the search.

"Indeed Marin, and here we are. Though I do not see how it is opened. Perhaps we should check amongst the supplies on the other walls."

Turning to the wall of
carefully arrayed barrels he begins inspecting each one carefully probing with his knife when necessary.

"We should have brought another light, we can't search each on our own with only one torch" grumbles Marin looking in what is left of the firewood pile for a branch still stable enough or enough splinters to make a small bonfire.

"What do you think is on the other side of that door, Caedmon? If this is the state of what should have been remembered, I can't imagine how would be what has been forgotten"

Up on top of the wall, Alelip continues his silent vigil, waiting for Marin and Cademon to return, while keeping an
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 4)
eye on the stairs to see anyone coming.

"I don't know, Marin. Whatever it is, they took the time to conceal it.. so I'd think it may have some value." Caedmon continues probing amongst the barrels.

"You know, Marin, I have a feeling that the letter refers to the legions of gnolls that stormed through here about forty years ago. The same legions that burned down my village, Oakhollow. It was during this raid that my grandfather quickly got my grandmother out of the village and into a hiding place along the river with her one and only son, my father. He stayed behind to defend Oakhollow and that is where he took his last stand. Many died that day, and those who managed to escape have since rebuilt the town and instilled a deep resentment for all gnoll kind."

Upon that last sentence, Caedmon, gives a good strong thrust of anger into one of the barrels, his visage slightly darkened as the word gnoll rolls off his tongue.

"I'm... I'm sorry to hear about that" says Marin softly "I'm sure your grandfather was a brave man and that would be very proud of you"

Walking softly to her comrade, she takes advantage of his pause to put her hand on his shoulder "But now you're working on giving his soul justice, and also to all the brave men that sacrified themselves so our generation could grow in relative peace. For that I will be always thankful to all of them because probably thanks to them Eisenberg was protected"

Pausing a moment, she sighs and sneaks behind the arm that holds the torch and gives Caemon a small brief hug. "Seemed that you needed it" she says with a small smile "But you tell a word about this and I'll convince Betsy to give you burned meals for a month" she finishes with a mock glare. "C'mon let's finish this search to see what is behind that door"

Going to the wall where the firewood was, she supresses a shiver of disgust before starting to look for anything unusual.

With the hug, Caedmon's countenance eases up, "How is that any different than the meals she serves now?" he countered jokingly. "Seriously, though, thanks Marin." Then returned to the search.

"Don't tempt the Gods, Caedmon or I will burn your meals" replies Marin in the same way.

"You're welcome"

Marin and Caedmon work their way through the room, looking for some sort of trigger, breaking the rotted barrels and shoving aside the worm-eaten firewood, but come up empty. It is only when Caedmon knocks on the secret door, trying to figure out how thick it is and whether it could be pried, that it swings open of its own accord. A faintly damp, musty smell starts to seep into the chamber from the dark passage beyond.

"We only had to knock?... That's not a good trigger system" Says Marin arching an eyebrow at the fortunate accident.

"Ugg.. whatever is here is must have been a long time closed, this smells worse than the closed mines of home" she comments wrinkling her nose "C'mon, let's go exploring"

Maring goes to the head of the hidden passage, stopping for a minute suddenly dobutful of the darkness

Caedmon was quite startled when the door swung open. "Marin! it opened..." Getting a good grip on his knife and the torch, he began to
Unable to find any characters in game 4972
peer into the room and
Unable to find any characters in game 4972
listened for anything that might stand out within this next room. Quickly and near instinctively he began to
Track Unable to find any characters in game 4972
scan the floor for any indication of the regular travel route of the designers of this hidden door or anything else that may now have taken residence in this room.


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