Chapter 10: Old Stone

Seeing her firend go head first into the passage, Marin chews her lips for a second

"Caedmon, maybe we should go reporting first... this has beend closed longer that the other rooms..."

Looking up from the floor, Caedmon nods at Marin. "Aye, I believe you're right." Following Marin, back to where they made their entry he continuously takes a few moments to look behind him to ensure nothing has taken the opportunity to follow them out.

Once they are outside again, Marin stumbles the first few steps as she gets used to the moonlight and the torches again.

"Reporting from scouting, sir" she quietly salutes Corporal Alelip once she's stable again

Caedmon allows Marin to do most of the debriefing, though he chimes in with an extra detail or two from his own perspective wherever he warrants it is needed.

"There're three rooms on the hidden passages. Two are useless and once had provisions and food, but none of it is left. The third is a complete armory that warrants a more through exploration, but from what we could see there are weapons of every kind in perfect state, a many barrels of pitch. This room has a ceiling entrance below, or near the refactory.

There.. there is also a second hidden passage and we managed to open it but from the damp air and the smell it has been closed a lot longer than the first passages and... well, we thought it would be better to explore it with more resources. "

Marin finishes their report with some dobut in her voice, regarding the decision to leave the second hidden passage unexplored and an annoyed glance to Caedmon for leaving her with the report

Alelip thinks on Marin's report for a few moments, and says, "Thank you, Marin. At least we will not run short of weapons or fire when the gnolls come calling again. When we finish our shift, come with me and I'll have you draw a map of what you saw."

He pauses for a second, then adds, "We'll leave the second hidden passage for tomorrow. I'll accompany you down with a couple of others and we'll figure it out. Until then, back to your post."

"Then we should close this entrance, sir. Personally I don't want a suprise srpring from it" replies Marin before saluting and taking her bow and torch from Leo and returning to her post on the other corner of the tower

Alelip nods, adding, "Agreed. Leo, you broke it, you get to fix it."

As he walks away, a bit of a smile breaks across his face as he gives the order.

Rives tries to listen to Marin's report, but only makes out parts of it. He shrugs, figuring that it probably doesn't really concern him, and continues to look out over the surrounding landscape, wishing gnolls away.

Alelip begins walking the wall again, keeping a sharp
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 22)
eye and
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 7)
ear for any sign of movement.


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