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Man, seriously, you two are like oil and water. Democrats and Republicans. Army and Marines. Baby seals and clubs.

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.... I shall not do as the Gm tells me then?

I don't have any time to read through rule books at the moment. My work is finding more and more tasks for me to do, so I do what Narrow ask me do to, if the rules says something els he can tell me.

By reading through the eight pages Chi indicates, you will understand what Narrow has already asked you to do.

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I know Naru did, in that one-shot Chim ran on Cato Niemoidia, where Grey hacked the turrets and those Sith fought on top of an AT-ST.
I think one of them blew up (or was it two?). Only one survived.

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Is the Imperial Paddywagon from Season 2 finally? Or the one you stole on Nar Shadaa in Naru's first adventure?
I still say we fill this with explosive (barrels) and drop it on something.


Not sure how the speeder bike would work with the tactical insertion. Maybe you could just drop it down? It would be a bit harder to recover if you guys need to leave in a hurry though. That being said Naru can take it down if she wants but she'll be outpacing everyone and probably separate from the group. I don't have a problem with this though.

I'll wait for everyone to decide/agree on insertion before moving us along.

It has repulsorlifts; it should work like jumping a podracer in E1 Racer.

If we are dropping straight in on a "theoretically" imperial prison in a jungle, then Fox will go and Naru will handle the express for pickup or something off screen.

If we are going to scour the jungle for a lone figure, the bike would help cover ground. And it was free, so who cares if she loses it. She just had Fox increase the speed on it for more of the awesome.

Oh, can I have my secondary go in Rotta?!? Rotta should be great for a fast and agile insertion/extraction, right?

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