x30C: Continuity Episode

x30C: Continuity Episode

Deep in space The Express flies around and those inside of it do stuff. Here that stuff is recorded. For posterity.

Much, much, much later, though nothing had since happened, the inhabitants of the Express, now apart of a barely organized Rebellion fleet, continue to do stuff.

Dorat smiled at the message. It had been ages since he'd seen his Jawa friends back on Tatooine. It seemed like a lifetime ago. He was touched that they even remembered him, though really Jawas tend to be so closed off they were bound to remember a Sullistan who lived in their midst. I think I'll take them up on their offer. He thought, it would be nice to get away from the new found pressure of the rebellion for a while. It probably wouldn't be that difficult to get Tag to swing by Tatooine for a bit.

"I won't fail you", murmurs the Jedi in his sleep, before being shocked awake, gasping for air. Confused and visibly distressed, he looks around, only to find nothing but the innards of his Express quarters. The dream was already quickly fading away, but the message still burned bright. With new determination, he knew exactly what to do. Dressed in nothing but his thinsuit, he settles into the chair opposite his computer console, called up the communications program, and found the most recent comlink frequency for Rynah.


Grey watches the videos a couple more times. And then he snaps off a quick video back.

Wookiee: "Hey, my furious-furry-filliepop, I miss you." He makes a few "Wookiee kisses" at the screen. Wookiee: "Things are going great here. I just scared off an Acklay. I thought about killing it, but I left it alive so it could tell it's friends not to mess with Wookiees. Poor bugger thought it could actually eat me. The war is going great. I've blown up an Imperial station, hacked their defensive turrets at a space station, and stolen a significant number of their vehicles. This is the most fun I've had since our honeymoon, and just like that wonderful night, the repair bill will number in the billions. I'll swing by next time we're in the system. Send a message to my kid- tell him to comb his hair and get a job. Bye bye snoookiee-ookiee-wookieeium."

Unable to find any characters in game 4080

Naru sits quietly, doing the math, running the odds. How can she work this system so having her ass on the line is profitable, and not just others getting rich off of her ass. Wait, that came out ... nevermind ... credits. She starts going through the contacts in her holo-pad, would that dumb gamorrean be able to pull being her space-straw-man? He'd get caught for sure...

The Midnight Express drops out of hyperspace somewhere in the Karlinus system, far from any major trading hubs or sector capitals. Holonet access is quickly reestablished and contact with the Alliance fleet becomes a possibility. Somewhere on board the vessel, a datapad in Naru's possession, sensing proximity with a gambling token shaped like a star, beeps audibly, and begins showing page after page of horribly convoluted schematics for an electronic or mechanical apparatus.


Grey digs into the datapad first, just to see what he can figure out.

Dice Roll: 1d20+18z
d20 Results: 8 (Total = 26)
Use Computer (Take 20 or) (26)

Unable to find any characters in game 4080

"Oh, schematics! I love schematics!" Dorat says while trying to assess what exactly the schematics are for.

OOC: Mechanics Take 10 for 26


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