x30C: Continuity Episode

Naru sends F0-X1 with her players badge to help the tech-heads and grease monkeys figure out the prize doodad. (Aid another on Mechanics, Use Comptuers)

Personally, she sets about settling the account, repaying the Rebellion what they are due and splitting up the rest between the primary crew-members.

Tagrin is somewhat secretively in the cockpit, sending transmissions to and receiving replies from Tatooine.


In another time, not dealing with the the winnings or schematics, Grey leans back in the lounge and watches trashy holovids of popular shows. It was what he was doing on the Princess while everyone else was busy. Grey had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to have fun aboard the ship, and he spent most of the time in his room watching the holo.

To whoever is nearby he says, Wookiee: "You know, they are just sock puppets (and who would want to wear socks), but this show has a lot of linguistic intricacies to it. I just realized that Oooink and oOOink are two completely different works in Gamorrean." He fasts forward through a commercial for a starship company near the Grand Market on Corruscant. "I bet I can understand quite a bit more Gamorrean now, just based on that alone, you know, since most of their speech is just various forms of 'Oink!'."

Despite their considerable combined technical expertise, Grey and Dorat could not help but be absolutely befuddled by the sheer complexity of the design they were looking at. Luckily, it came with a spec sheet - this was not a mechanical device, but instead, was the core processing platform for a computer; a thinking computer.

The basic premise was simple, but the ingenuity behind the device was the central processing chip, a device capable of collating information and deductions from as many as millions of independent heuristic engines as there are letters in the words 'Artificial Intelligence'. This device, should it ever be built, would have no problems deconstructing the the greatest mysteries of the universe in minutes, and then only be left with the choice of how much of the information it wanted to share.

This wasn't just next-gen technology, this was the stuff of science fiction. It would probably cost millions of credits to build.


Grey holds up the device and says, Wookiee: "The answer is 42."

Tagrin rubs his chin and shrugs. "I say we destroy it. This isn't something the galaxy needs."


Grey looks at Tag like he's crazy. Wookiee: "This thing could device a cure for dozens of diseases that kills millions of people every year. It could calculate the best shipping routes, getting food to where people need it desperately. Destroying it seems like a rather over-reactive thing, and generally that's my domain."

"Sure," Tag says, shrugging. "And that's exactly what the Empire or the New Order would use it for, right?"

He gets a more serious face. "Now we know what this is. And y'know what? Zee was right. We could build this, sure. Heck, we might even be able to manage it without the Empire knowing. But the instant we turn this thing on and start getting answers, the entire galaxy is going to be killing each other trying to get it. Literally. Even if it could save the galaxy, once it's revealed I'm not even sure how much of a galaxy would be left to save."

Rotta the Diplomat

Rotta chimes in, Durese: "And if we destroy it, we lose the greatest bargaining chip this galaxy has ever seen. Not to mention that no one will believe we destroyed it, so we'll still be hunted to our dying day. We're already marked for death now. We simply have to choose how we go about getting there."


Grey looks at Rotta, nods, and says, Wookiee: "I have no idea what you just said. But I probably disagree with you on principle."


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