The Void always Wins (Fate 3E)

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The Void always Wins (Fate 3E)

The Forgotten - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Empty spaces - what are we living for?
Abandoned places - I guess we know the score..
On and on!
Does anybody know what we are looking for?

Queen; The Show Must Go On

Hey all! Moral Wiz here (as you can tell), recruiting for a little game called the Forgotten. Look to game description if you want the concept; basically it's a world hopping game, a la Kingdom Hearts. Just with a touch less manga/Disney focus. This idea's based around the PCs on a mission that takes them from one setting to another. And yes, these settings can be anything. Sci fi is as much on the cards as traditional fantasy, steam-punk or film noir. Anything's viable, at least in theory. That's one of the beauties of running this with Fate; it's rules light, and can be adapted to any setting fairly easily.

Anyway, there are some thematic guidelines, both for world and PCs. See here for details on them, and how to apply. Don't worry if you don't know the system; it's pretty simple, has an SRD up online, and I'd be happy to talk it through with you

Oh, and for Fate Lovers who want to get an early start on sheet design, I'm primarily going with Dresden's stuff, except for a couple of SotC stunts I might lift. Submerged Power Level fits, when you think Dresden's a touch low power as a setting for a game like this. You guys don't need to worry about stats just yet though; character and setting are the most important things here.

Game Description:

You weren't the Hero, of course. The sort of soul upon whom the whole world turned, the handsome wonder who would set things to right, defeat the evil Empire and get to marry the charming princess once everything was sorted out, and the world was left in peace. Fate never bowed to you that way. No matter how you might have hoped for it whilst younger, you weren't the Chosen One.

But you were someone. You had your goals, your hopes and dreams. You were ready to fight for them too. True, you may not have been some sort of world conquering legendary protagonist figure, but you made your way in your world, and who knew? Perhaps one day, you'd get there, stand amidst the legends of your age. Everyone had to come from somewhere, right? Your future lay ahead, and things were looking good.

Only something went wrong. Something... strange.

You can't tell when, or how it happened, but things... faded. Dissolved, cut to black. Things weren't truly over, they simply... stopped. Events, time, places, people, there are none of these things here for you now. Just you, alone, floating in a sea of emptiness. Eternal, unending absence; of light, sound or even time. A void that most people couldn't even begin to imagine..

Yet in that perfect, unending emptiness, one thought echoes, returns to you, again and again, ringing out across all of infinity. Yours or another's, it makes no difference, as it pounds away at you, again and again, no matter what you do..

You are alone.

Submerged? Damn, I'm gonna have to beef up my boy a little. I was expecting something like Refresh 6 with a Great cap!

Anyway, probably going to diverge a little from the application standard if it isn't a problem. It'll all be there, but I'm feeling a journal style account of the events leading up to the stuff we discussed will work best. One single big sblock instead of many and all.

Should have it all done later today...for now, just jotting down a couple notes before I post the character's personal thread:

Name: Johnny Trigg
Concept: Modern Boy Trapped in Fantasyland
Potential Aspects: Rookie Hero (High Concept); Miserable Modern Man (Trouble); A Boy, His Rat and His Fairy; The Blade of Raya; I Need To Get Back Home; Do You Really Believe In Me?; I've Seen This Show Before; The Burden of Shame; The Fellowship's Displacer.

Put up something in the forum, definitely needs work but that's the rough idea I was looking at. Ideas, suggestions and critique all more than welcome. Especially if anyone has any ideas for the setting in general, since what I've got so far on that is a little thin.

I'm thinking a lesser known superhero called The Shadow from Capital City. Basically a ninja with some superpowers thrown in for good measure. He's always trying (and failing) to out-hero Capital Cities main hero, The Champion. For Capital City think New York from the old spiderman tv show from the 90's.

on a whim, i've put up the first idea that came to me. if it doesn't fit, that's all right. i'm new to this site and still getting my bearings.

Hmm... Mantra, I hadn't considered superheroes when coming up with this, but it does work well.

However, I would ask you not to go with The Shadow. I get what you're going for with this, but the name... can't help but bring back memories.

Silverkiss, yeah, that's another big reason for going that way. If someone's got a wonderful alt system, I might consider it, but this one seems pretty good, no?

DarkAbyssKeeper, I'll take a look in a second. It's been a long day for me.

Mental stress rules the same? (its inbuilt into Dresde because magic is something taxing to the mind, not sure if you want to go the same route here)

I'll probably go with it still. It's a good alternative to Vancian, and I'm not sure it's worth an alternative system.

I've actually never heard of The Shadow. I was thinking more along the lines of stealth and traveling through shadows for my super powers. In dresden terms that would probably mean Cloak of Shadows and I'm thinking speed (read shadow teleportation). I'd probably put a Catch on the shadow travel of must use shadows. Guess that's a -2 catch so I'd take supernatural speed.

How about Nightblade instead of Shadow?


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