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Summoner build recommendations?

Summoner build recommendations?

I've recently started a Summoner character at first level in a Golarian campaign. While the archetypes were nice none of them were what I particularly wanted so I went for a vanilla Summoner.

I'm focusing mainly on his eidolon as a frontline combatant and toward that goal I've invested in the Resilient Eidolon and Extra Evolution feats (human). For RP purposes the eidolon is his closest friend and guardian so I've created a description and personality for it (basically a social little wingless dragon).

Can't say I have a lot of experience optimizing this kind of character in Pathfinder though. Any recommendations for future levels? I don't think the game is going to go heavily into power-gaming so a pure combat build isn't necessary.

My big beef with the Eidolon is that it blocks your best class feature: the summon monster SLA.
With a front-line killer, the SLA becomes only a backup for when your Eidolon drops, so if you plan to go that route, don't waste any feats on the SLA. Look at the teamwork feats if you are mixing it up in melee with your Eidolon.
...I really don't know what else to tell you.

If you regret your decision (Its not too late!), consider using the Eidolon as a skill-monkey and focusing on your SLA.
The ability to take the skilled evolution with multiple skills will make your eidolon a skill-master almost without par for the first 6-8 levels. Taking the Spell Focus(conj), Augment Summons, and finally Superior Summoning will keep you relevant in combat. In fact, expect the fighter to resent your bottomless pool of expendable hp and the wizard to curse you for your spellcasting stamina! Go forth and rule the world!

While technically the better build, I don't really like dropping my concept for something just because it works better.

Basically think of whether or not you want to be up close as well. If so, there are a few options here. Two that would work well enough are both options for a few levels of cross class. Either option can make use of Teamwork feets as its has suggested.

1) You can go the unarmed route, which I think could look awesome. Three levels of monk if you are lawful. Now if you aren't, there is the Martial Artist class, which allows you to be non-lawful, but replaces some abilities. There is a bit of a problem with this depending on the DM though. You want the level 3 clear mind ability to give you access to a feat. I forget what it's called, but you treat have your monk levels as monk levels for determine unarmed strike damage. Martial artist loses Clear Mind. On Paizo's site, however they did say it's perfectly reasonable to drop some archetypes abilities in favor of the original class ability.

This will keep up Summoners partial base attack, allow you to use wisdom to your AC, increased move speed, and some nice boosts to your saves. If you take a fourth level, your saves will be radder, and you'll get the +1 AC bonus for monk level four. Really though, 3 levels of monk is all you need to make this effective this route. Though if non-lawful, and DM won't let you keep the mind ability, take four levels of Monk for the first damage increase.

Math will get awkward for flurry of blows though, when calculating your base attack, your Monk Level will be used in place of your monks B.A.B., but your B.A.B. for summoner will be calculated as normal. It'll essentially amount to a nerfed Flurry of Blows.

2) Otherwise, few levels of Fighter or one of it's variants. Really any straight Melee class. Cavalier could be very helpful for it's full base, and it's different abilities could be of benefit to keeping hate on you and your Eidolon if that's the goal. I prefer option one if only for the saves and I love monks

If you yourself don't want to be on the front lines, remember your summon monster from your spell lists can still be summoned with your Eidolon out, so they can aid him on the front line. It's only the Summon Monsters you get as a spell like ability that can't be out at the same time.

Summoner Guide, which also points out that you can Summon first and then call in your Eidolon, which nicely fits the minute duration of the Summon. Personally, I think a frontline combattant is the best way to use an Eidolon, making you good melee support and not hindering the party skill monkey Bard or Rogue from shining.

There's a spell for summoning your eidolon, IIRC.

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