Gambit Team Seeking New Soldiers.

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Gambit Team Seeking New Soldiers.

Task Force Valkyrie: Gambit Team - Forum
World of Darkness
Estimated Members Requested: 2

Looking for one or two folks to step in and replace a member of TFV's newest team. The member we lost filled the role of a front line combatant and generally soldier type, and that would be what I would like to see as a replacement. If there are apps looking for other positions though I will probably take another person on. The team consists of a sniper, a medic, and an intel/hand to hand fighter. There is also an npc wheelman/pilot with a knack for explosives, though at this juncture I'm not sure if he is going to be a permanent or temporary member. My brief description doesn't do much justice to the fine writing put into the characters, and I encourage you to check the forum. Overlap in some roles is expected and to an extent encouraged but please don't submit an app that would render an existing character moot.

At this point in time the team has met each other, for a few hours at least. And are waiting for a meeting in the morning. Currently located in Gambit Teams fancy pants new base, so anyone entering the game now will be in a good position to transfer in relatively seamlessly. I am open to one of the characters if they hold an officer position to being a previously recruited member of TSV.

I am sort of delaying the game until I can peg down a couple of new players, and my free time is just starting to recover after a massive workload the past couple of months. That said I'm looking to make this a quick recruitment process, hopefully less than a week as I'm more than ready to set the game back on track and get it going. (The players seem to be in the same boat )


Please Include this stuff in some sort or another in your Application.

Rank and Service Branch:
Military Record: This will most likely be the hardest part, I'm not so much looking for exact realism but a couple google searches cant hurt.

**If any of your entries are more than a few lines long please wrap them in a spoiler tag.

Experience: 45 Exp and 20 practical experience. You will be decent soldiers. For now leave Endowments and Benedictions, and similar merits, out of your characters. You will be outfitted on a mission by mission basis, I'm not going to require you to put points in it. Everyone will need at least a dot in Status: TFV. A safe house will be provided.

If you have any questions ask!

Application format isn't super important but here is a pretty one if you would like to use it

Game Description:

Gambit Team: TFVs newest collection of 'requisitioned' soldiers is en-route to their first official mission. A twisted doctor, who turned his talented hands towards the black arts escaped Charlie team and took off for a research station on the coast of Antarctica, Gambit has been dispatched to deal with him.....and anything he may have cooked up since he landed.

If you're gonna be weird, be confident about it .
i missed the original recruitment, is this more mortal or hunter?


Comon~! Gotta be a couple more people out there interested!

I might be able to participate; what professions/types/favored skills do you have already?

Probably easier to just look over the active players than try and explain everything.

Disregard Ruby's character as thats who we lost from the group.

First off thank you AD, sorry for disappearing over the weekend. Gratz to ShiningIdeal for getting an invite. I'm still looking to pick up another player.

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