Break a leg! (Looking for GM and players for an unusual Serenity game)

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Break a leg! (Looking for GM and players for an unusual Serenity game)

All the Verse's a Stage - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 8

Places, people, places!

This is a rather unusual game of Serenity, in which of playing hard-bitten mercenaries or loveable rogues, you play actors on tour. You may encounter Reavers; you'll certainly encounter hecklers, faulty props and stage fright.

I'm looking for someone to GM this, but am prepared to do so myself if I don't get a volunteer.

You'll be travelling around and performing the plays. You won't have to "learn a script" for the plays; we'll be making the play up as we go along, for added LOL.

The rules
  • All characters will start as Greenhorns or Veterans.
  • You are required to have at least a d10 in Performance/Acting. All of the actors are high-grade, nominated for Emmys or starring in Broadway shows types.
  • Bios can be as long or short as you like, but must include a description of some of your character's roles.
  • Posting will be at least every seven days, but please post as often as possible.
  • Good writing and a sense of humour are mandatory.

Deadline for apps will be 31 July; invites will follow after then.

Game Description:

Leading lights of Stage and Screen on tour

Paquin, 2 October 2519

Rim World theatregoers were thrilled to learn today of the initials details of the latest Leading Lights Tour; bringing some of the best theatre of the Core to the furthest reaches of the 'Verse.

A troupe of renowned actors, led by Alex Talbot (Louisa Wells in hit Paquin Five show 'Private Security', also a star of the much-loved political thriller 'The Seventh Block') will tour ten planets from November to February, doing 20 performances each of five of the hottest stage works. While the rest of the line-up has yet to be confirmed, it will include stars of stage and cortex, engaging audiences in drama, comedy and theatre.

Full details will be released once finalised, but the hits have already been revealed.

Phantom of the Firefly (Beylix)

In this spooky supernatural thriller, dark secrets will emerge as the consequences of a deadly decision become known.

Fleeing after a botched robbery, the crew of the Firefly class ship Tranquillity think they're safe, even if one of their crew is missing. Then things go bump in the black...

Maryland! (Greenleaf)

The hit Mikhail Suvorov musical, set on Earth-that-was goes on its first tour and you'll be dancing in the aisles.

The year is 2011. Young Danni Briggs leaves her country home to make her fame and fortune in New York City. There she discovers danger - and love.

The Smart Waiter (Ezra)

Six retired assassins meet in a pub. By the end of the night, only one will remain alive...

Murder in the Library (Regina)

In 20th century England, elite detective Ernest Fish must solve the dastardly murder of a shepherd. With suspicion falling on everyone, can Fish reel in the culprit?

Fourteenth Night (Athens)

Three couples arrive on Greenleaf for a romantic holiday. One night, they all wake up with no memories of who they are and who they love. Will they all end up with the right partners?

You can order your tickets via the Cortex now. Tickets are likely to sell out quickly, so it is best not to delay.

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Just a thought: Maybe you should have used the Game Planning forum to advertise for a Serenity DM. I believe the moderators prefer that only the DM/GM/ST of a particular game advertise for it.

I could be wrong. In which case, don't mind me.

On another note, I'd love to try out Serenity. I have the pdf of the core rulebook, and I've been dying to try it out.

Yep, you're after the above thread. A mod will likely close this ad shortly and re-direct you.

Unfortunately, I have no idea about the Serenity setting or rules - otherwise I'd throw my hat in the GMing ring. Gotta put that useless career of working in theaters to some use.

Working up a Comedy specializing actor that originally practiced the works of shakespeare before joining Leading Lights

Originally Posted by Silent Hunter UK View Post
I'm looking for players and a GM; hopefully that's acceptable.
Providing that this game is going to run, with you as GM starting in the next few weeks then it's fine. If it just so happens that you'd like a GM to apply as well and if they do you will transfer responsibility it's acceptable.

I've never played Serenity, but I'm a massive theater dork. Excuse to learn a new system, yay!!!

I'm thinking an older method actor (the sort who submerses himself into the character by doing things like driving a cab for three weeks in preparation for being in Taxi) which would give him an excuse to have a lot of random skills. That or an ambitious Ingenue who started out as a Companion.

This idea intrigues me and I am tempted to volunteer to GM. Let me think about it a couple of days and see if I can come up with something to tie it together in my mind with an overarching plot. You mentioned in various places a ten planet tour and the rim so Kalidisa would fit the bill - it has more than ten planets plus a proto-star with planets. The other rim star is Blue Sun, but it only has seven planets and a proto-star.

What I gather is that pretty much anything as far as story is a go as long as the main theme stays in place - namely you're all actors on tour who may or may not get caught up in other adventures along the way. Would I have to gm each play? And would it be acceptable if there were a major side trip or two?


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