The Adventure Guild recruits again!

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The Adventure Guild recruits again!

The Adventuring Guild - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 2

The largest of 2 city states within the island kingdom of Fiore, Beltmoore is the worlds largest trading hub. Kept running buy The Arcane Order, defended by The Order of the Shield, and managed by the Merchants Assosiation, this city was built by the guilds.

But not all guilds in this bustling Metropolis are large, many hundreds in fact are quite small. Our story starts with one of those smaller guilds, and a few freshfaced young adventurers amid no more then a hundred or so others.
I am gonna start right now by letting you all know that a high posting rate is a must! If not daily then every other day with an excuse! If you need to take a vacation then your character will simply sit a mission out.

This game is intended to be a light-hearted missioning game. No excessive plots or RP. Just missioning.

That should be all the required info. Feel free to ask any questions here.

There are already 3 characters in the game, so please tailor your applications to fit well with these.

(new player)

I will only except 2 new players.

Game Description:

This game is intended as a simple dirty rails missioning game. No epic storylines, yet no extensive sandboxing. You get to pick what missions you accept and how you do them, but your goal is still to get them done! RP will ideally be kept minimal, limited primarily to actions rather then excessive dialogue. You are all there to make money and earn prestige.

You are one of the newest members of a guild of mercenaries who take various different types of jobs. The guild has a bad reputation for excesive collateral damage, so this will be incorporated in how your cash rewards are dished out.

Summoner? Basically just a Druid Summoner, I'm not fond of wildshape unless it's a necessity and wouldn't be taking natural spell.

Would a binder be acceptable? Always wanted to try one out.

Err... 2 'no's in a row... Starting to feel bad now... I told the others no to binder when I made the game, so while I have admittedly read up a bit on it, I would feel bad saying yes now.

Oh! Also I forgot to mention.

Use of undead is illegal in the game world, especially using bodies of sentient races (Same punishment as murder). So I am gonna go ahead and say no undead use for starting characters. Should you wish to dip into it at higher levels then thats fine. But understand that the second your character is seen doing it (in this bustling metropolis), he will be facing jail time.


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