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Doing It Fantasy-style

Doing It Fantasy-style

Seems like we could use some collaborative stories in other genres, so here's my stab at starting a fantasy one.

StoryThere was only so much he was willing to put up with, and this day was quickly bumping into Kevril's limit. He sagged against the alley wall, out of sight of the street and the people walking along it. Hopefully, no one noticed all the blood, but he rather doubted that. At least if any of the Guard found him here, now, they had no obvious reason to connect him to that carnage. Grimacing as he pulled his hand gingerly away from his side, he checked the wound. It was deep, and still bleeding, and would probably kill him if he didn't get to a healer soon.

This was a bad time to be standing still, so he forced himself to stand away from his support and stumbled farther down the alley. Luck was on his side, finally, for now. Fickle bitch left him dangling in the wind earlier, but now it kept anyone from bothering him as he made his way to Rachel's place. Only healer he knew who wouldn't ask questions happened to be the woman he'd been trying to bed for two years now. Maybe 'trying' was the wrong word. Banging his head against a wall was closer to the truth. Someday, he'd figure out what she wanted. Until then, she still healed him on the cheap, anytime, no matter how many times he struck out with her.

The walk was too damned long, and he was light headed and dizzy by the time he could see her back door. Never the front door. Not when he was there to be healed, anyway. He used the front door when he wanted to let her have yet another opportunity to turn him down. Oh, glass, how half empty you really are.

Please stick to the following:
1. Fantasy world with magic.
2. Death is final without extreme effort/deity intervention.
3. Medieval tech level.
4. A pantheon of deities.

The thick Virilian Gum door, expertly fitted with dowels tongue and groove panels, opened slowly any wi' nary a creak nor groan. The craftsmen of Crole knew how to make a door, it is said.

The wick of the walrus-fat lamp played sooty songs with the meager light. One could almost hear the shadows dance to a sea chanty. Kevrill wasn't focused lowly enough, and thinking there was no one at home he started to walk forward. His motions were stopped as he nearly tripped over the 120-pound Cardan Racer, sitting on her back haunches with the door rope in her mouth. The sleek dog dropped the rope, got up slightly and backtracked a foot.

"Damn, fool! Watch where you're going! And can't you wait for a sentibeast to reform before bursting into... Nice cut, Kevrill. Guess you need help again..."

lol @ thread name (yes, I am five)

I might be dying, he said with a rougeish look in his eye and a trickle of blood from his mouth. He coughed a few times, some blood getting on his shirt. Although he was clearly playing the situation up, it might actually be true if Rachel didn't do something soon to help.

She squinted her eyes and let out an ever so slight cross between a grumble and a sigh.

It's not cute to go and get stabbed to get attention, that sort of behavior is borderline pathological.

It's also not attractive to sarcastically pretend to whine in an effort to look macho.

Grab a towel and don't bleed on the floor if you can help it, I'm finishing up with another client and you can wait.

She was always so cold, and also exquisitely beautiful. Her golden locks pulled back in a tight bun, her lips unpainted. Incredibly pragmatic in dress, calculating in mind. Part of Kevril lusted after the cold detached woman he couldn't have because she was cold and detached and he couldn't have her, but admittedly, she was just good looking too. That part only made Kevril angry though because it made her irresistible when combined with her other traits, that and the throbbing wincing pain in his side wasn't actually helping... or was it, it sort of distracted him from speaking much, and she was always more pleasant when he didn't talk.

Kevril found the towel and reached for his purse to fish out a sizable donation, but then remembered he was just stabbed and robbed... it was kind of hard to focus when...


I suppose it was to much to ask that I not have to mop the floor twice in one night. Rachel complained to no one in particular, though her patient swallowed hard, and recoiled a little as she pinched and pulled off the last knot of the stitching.


Rachael continued talking as she worked, the last bit of fur receding into her arms and her tail withdrawing. "always in the wrong place, KeV. Probably didn't even have the time to morph into that senti you claim, what was that, some kind of gorilla?". She assumed he was out and knew she was talking to herself, but it didn't matter to her. "sweet KeV... Why do you think we never hooked uP? That would be just too much to handle... Now, pressure here... A little of the potion of tissue life.." she reached into her blouse and pulled out a glass vial. "girl has to take care, here on Glar... Planet is loaded with sentis...". The ugly wound took a life of it's own as it started to close.

Pillow. There was a pillow under his head. Kevril's mind slogged up through the morass of unconsciousness slowly, registering small things. A blanket covered his body, and under it, he wasn't wearing a shirt. Pants were still on, though. Where...? The ache in his side as he moved a little bit brought it all back. From the morning to the night, this was one hell of a day, and he just barely remembered Rachel's blonde bun before he passed out. Actually, that was probably all yesterday, at this point.

His mouth made an unintelligible noise that ended with a question mark. That wasn't what he meant to say, so he coughed some to get his voice working again.

"You sound pathetic this morning."

He finally opened his eyes. "You always say that." Rachel wasn't in the room, he only had a glass of water on the nightstand to keep him company. Rather than look around to determine if that was really true (there were four beds in here, and any one of them could have some other poor schmuck who passed out on her), he reached for the water and winced. He wanted the drink more than he cared about the pain, though.

"It's always true."

Was she angry? It was hard to tell with her. What she didn't want him to know, he didn't know. "Do you want to hear what happened?"

"No." She paced in with a bowl of porridge she probably expected him to eat.

storyShe sighed, then slapped the spoon down in the bowl of porridge, eliciting some bits of the mushy gruel to become airborne. "Alright, damn it, what?"

Kevril nodded slowly, as if half in fear of telling her what went wrong. After drawing a deep but painful breath, he sighed, "Lost my Glarstone. Lost it, I did. He took it, but as soon as he held it in his fist, it disappeared. He seemed to know exactly where to look for it, too. I kicked him from the ground, and he fell on his own slicer."

"LOST IT! No wonder you didn't morph! Do you think it went into the rift?"

"I could almost...cough, cough...argh...guarantee..."

"Stop talking now, Kev. You'll start to bleed again. The potion isn't perfect." She pushed on his wound with a little pressure, trying to bind the two sides and bond it. "Did he have any distingui..."

"YES! That's the thing. Never seen such a guy. Four arms! And he wasn't arachno-morphed or such."

"Four ar...damn. Could be a Brotherhood, might be a Royal Guard, they're all known to tend toward such mutations from excessive morphing."

"Yeah, but he had a tattoo - the twisted cross."

"Hmm.... don't know about a twited cross. But Gerna does. Remember her? Student of the dark arts."

Kev got up onto one elbow, but the pain changed his mind. "I ought to get...mmmm....ooh, that smarts."

"No, you put yourself right back down. You have a few days to rest, then we'll both go. She's a funny one, Gerna is."

"Okay, Doctor. You trumped me this ti..." He fell back to the supine, the potion taking full effect as it healed his liver, bowels, stomach and bladder all at once. Being distilled from essence of soul at the time of a death, it was a remarkable elixir.

"Huh...no Glarstone. Too bad, Kevril. Other Sentis can smell that from a mile away, and you know it. You'd be dead in a minute. No, I'll go to her myself. I at least owe you that, and she owes me...yeah, she sure does..."

Okay, let's ramp it up a notch. Feel in a fantasy-style mood. If we don't get bogged down in a doggie-licking love story, and don't get cut off at the knees with a "suddenly the ground opened up and everyone fell in" scenario, this could turn into a nice continent-bopping cloak and dagger fantasy!

what is a senti and a glarstone? I'm confused? Also are the characters furries? I missed that reference at some point...

I'm just trying to gauge where we're at here because I can't add anything meaningful unless I understand what's what.

Not sure what a furrie is. Remember hearing of something like that from some novel my wife read. But that just leapt out of my head. A sentibeast is an animal to which the person is tied.

In the interest of keeping the work from sounding like some kind of documentary I thought I'd put it into the text. A glarstone is named for the planet which no one had named to that point. The stones are given upon maturity and the person somehow becomes chosen, or chooses a beast to link to. Has that been done ad infinitum somewhere? If so I can retract the post.

About the senti-beast thing:

What effect does the linking have? Are they a were-creature? Is it merely an ego aspect? What else can you tell me about it? Does everyone do this or just special people?

Do you have any literature on this anywhere or can you make some up? I tried google-ing and this thread came up

A 'furrie' is a slang (and somewhat derogatory) term for a person who dresses up like an animal regularly. Also sometimes used to describe a shapeshifting character who fails to exhibit any characteristics of the animal they shift into. Essentially, a human with a specific type of superpower that has no impact on their personality.

I'm now wondering if the beast they're 'linked to' is a separate creature somehow, or if you mean that more like a totem kind of thing?


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