Yes, it was a question? I just forgot the question mark? Everything with a question mark is obviously a question? It's like raising your pitch when speaking the end of a declarative sentence just to see how the other person responds?

So, the prelude...what happens there becomes canon to the story? Just checking to see how this will affect the main storyline.

Ideally yes, this helps as a 'getting to know one another' phase, seed planting, background tweaking and waiting period all in one

Another question, magent. My oracle has a bonded mount - a rather intelligent horse. Are we in charge of RPing our own animals? I don't mind, but some GMs like it the other way around.

Special mounts, animal companions and familiars are yours to RP, I might at one point or another take the role if its needed or relate a special response, but most of the time they are under your care.

Just bare in mind what each of their capabilities are and that special or tricky requests need a good handle animal check.

@Mask - I get my stock fantasy images by going to google and typing in a few random words (usually something simple like "wizard with horns" and then browsing through the Google Images results until I see something I like.

Naturally I get repeatedly sidetracked by some absurd image and a simple search will inevitably take me 3 or 4 hours.

Regarding the announcement, am I reading it correctly - does taking two groups mean that you will take eight players?


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