Yeah, my only problem with it is that you don't know the artists, which cuts two ways (no attribution(it is fair use, I think, but still...) & no knowing whose work you really like).

Oh yeah, and be careful if you are looking for female portraits... there are a few nudes.

But other than that, I like it a lot!

You know what's also good for portraits? Spending several years saving pretty much anything that looks good. :P

I never get hard drives to last that long and my computer desk is a mess of external drives that I try to use as back-ups and then forget to back up. The site Odin suggested looks does look very useful.

Originally Posted by Yu Jie View Post
Regarding the announcement, am I reading it correctly - does taking two groups mean that you will take eight players?
Maybe more than that!

Yes I think so, I just hope no players are put off by it, I think I've seen that happen due to fears of GM desertion. But I don't plan on going anywhere soon

All they would have to do is look at your profile and see your games and the number of posts. That should be more than enough to assure people of your longevity as a GM.

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