Under the stars

Pretty good idea to account for attrition and player enthusiasm there Magent. (Re announcement)

I know that unfortunately it happens too frequently, a lot of things sometimes don't turn out as expected and makes games whiter and die

This setting lends itself nicely to handle that, at least at the beginning.

Thought it might be helpful to list out the PCs who have been accepted thus far, so we can get a better idea of how things should be grouped (though obviously, Magent is the leader on this front):

- Missoi Lebeda, Alchemist, Melee-oriented, skill monkey-ish
- Jason Doe, Ranger, Archery-oriented
- Brunhilde Thundercry, Gunslinger, Range-oriented
- Skapti Kneereaver, Barbarian, Melee-oriented
- Magnolia the Wizard (self-explanatory)
- Zarina Ka'thar Orlovsky, Oracle, Healer
- Willem the Quick, Rogue, Skill-monky

Think those are all the sheets that got dots; let me know if I'm missing someone.

For my part, in combat, Missoi is going to be a front-liner (once I get the Spontaneous Healing discovery at level 2, that should help with survivability), and out of combat, a mild skill monkey (Know (Arcana & Nature), decent Perception, will take either Disable Device or Sense Motive, depending on the party (leaning towards the latter).

Zarina is pretty capable outdoors though in battle she will obviously be staying back. Her survival skills are as good as her healing skills. Also, she does well in diplomacy.

Also, QikJoi, if you're going by who got their Hero Points (dots), then Willem the Quick should be on your list as well.

Magnolia is a wizard played by a crappy but reliable player.

He Bluffs. Really well. And I suppose he does other things. Suppose I should actually read what I can do with Bluff beyond, you know, just flat out lying to people.

(My primary plan in combat was to point at tree and yell, "look over there!" and then run away.)

Prelude is really taking a life of it's own! good job!

Another important point you should consider when choosing the group is posting frequency, I'm usually logged in all day (not necessarily able to post all day mind you).

rapid posters should gravitate to a group of like kind, and slower posters should do so as well, after all some parts take longer to explore than others


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