Under the stars

What are you talking about. There's no way he'd run the kingdom into the ground. Henry doesn't run.

He might slow the kingdom into the ground...

Wow, for playing Kingmaker, we are a low Cha group...

You know, could try to advertise with a LOT of warnings in the ad about the sort of game they'd be getting into. Like warnings about how HSM (and drk) tends to do a LOT of the talking. And Skapti does most of the killing. And Orianna is the only one allowed to scold the previous two. Etc. Etc.

Huh, when I put it like that, do we need anyone else? :P Other, than, you know, if they want to be a Councilor. Or we could just buy a Parrot to fill the role.

Well I have no problem going along like this, but this game is sooo awesome that I feel bad for people not playing here

Let's start a new OOC thread, maybe? Might help prevent double posting.


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