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I'm in a similar posting situation to Magent: I'm online pretty regularly throughout the day on a typical one, dipping in and out of boards.

One of the nice things about having Itomo and Missoi in the same party is that they can be flanking buddies together; I foresee gobs of sneak attack in the future.

Jarili Stormclaw is going to be a caster Druid and of course he is going to take the healing spells along with the Summon Natures Ally line.

I had actually really hoped to get Missoi paired with Jarili (I think the two would get along), but then we would have all three healers in the same group (Zarina and Jarili, with Missoi being a secondary healer once the Chirurgeon abilities kick in at level 2).

Originally Posted by drkrough View Post
Yeah, I should probably be, as a player, in the "not heavy drama" group, since I don't take things too terribly serious myself. And Skapti and Magnolia just seemed to click faster than I've ever had a character click with another.
...which is funny since Skapti is terrified of magic. I wonder what is going to happen when he finds out the truth.
(I know you told him you were a wizard, but we're talking INT 7 here.)
I've done drama characters(not very well unfortunately) and Skapti definitely falls far out of that category.

Magent knows my posting: fairly frequent Mon-Thurs, almost nonexistent Fri-Sun.

EDIT: I despise group picking. As long as Skapti is with horny man, I'm OK. We click good.

My posting times are spotty. I am in and out of the board often most days including weekends, but having the time to actually write a post tends to be more around noon and after 5pm pacific time.

I don't mind someone else figuring out who will be on which team, but I would prefer each team at least have a healer, an wizardly-type, and some fighters.

My posting rate is pretty regular during the week and a lot less so on weekends (personal time is personal! ^^ - unless of course I have a deadline. I am quite good about letting everyone know my whereabouts.

And oooh...what have we here? Possibly picking groups already?

I'm sort of laughing at how Zarina 1.0 would have fit in marvelously with Skapti and Magnolia. Her initial incarnation is the same mystical gypsy persona, only a midget with a bit of temper who adored her full sized fur coat despite tripping on it constantly. Zarina 2.0 got glammed up quite a bit. XD

My posting really depends on my mood. Somedays I can post like a mad man. Other times you wont see me for a few days.

I would say put the heavy posters together, even if the group dynamic isn't ideal. Better to have everyone who is chain posting together rather than having the turbo-posters waiting on the one person in the group who posts once per day.


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