Under the stars

That was what I lost! Sirgail- I had actually typed part of a response to you, but lost it. So when I did my post a second time, it ended up being totally different, since I was feeling lazy and not at all like reading back through the other posts to remember what it was I should have been doing

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I would say put the heavy posters together, even if the group dynamic isn't ideal. Better to have everyone who is chain posting together rather than having the turbo-posters waiting on the one person in the group who posts once per day.
Originally Posted by magent_mx View Post
Yes I believe that should carry a bit more weight as well.
Well then perhaps my original suggestion of Missoi, Itomo, Magnolia, Skapti, and Zarina would be good for the first group - those seem to be the most active posters, and it's a pretty balanced group, too.

Not trying to be overly zealous/steal your job/etc, Magent; I guess I just like this part.

lol no worries, I prefer that each group finds their own way, everyone can offer input on this part, also I should mention that the groups are NOT set in stone, changes in starting roster can happen if you choose to do so and can be done when back in base camp.

Also, assuming that none drop and all submit a finished and polished app, you could be looking at groups of 5 to 7 members.

Hmm. Well, I guess I need to post more to get in the first group....

Hold on a sec... *sets up automatic post-bot*

I need to get me one of those post-bots that can carry on a conversation in character...

Well, my grouping was in no way set in stone, so as long as there are the numbers for it, I for one am fine with you joining us, Sirgrail.

I believe there are a few besides myself that just got their approval to start so I wouldn't finalize those asignments to quick.

As for posting I'm on almost every night and depending on how things are going at work I'm on duriing the day.

I do believe we are. My character is sitting in a corner talking to himself at the moment.

Hello all! Well, I haven't been accepted yet as I'm still finalizing. I do believe I'm all but finished (I think I need to tweek how I got up north instead of being around the Inner Sea. But, being that I hail from Kintargo it shouldn't be but a hop, skip and a jump to go pretty much east.) Jaared was made with the intent on aiding others/facilitating social interactions with the NPC's (someone has to placate the masses). While not a Bard, he does posses skills neccessary to keep the local elders off our backs whilst we carve out our kingdom! (Or at least that's the intent! Lol!) I should be complete by Thursday evening.

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