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So picking up from some of the discussions on the Pathfinder? thread, it has come to our attention that the Pathfinder system is somewhat unappreciated around here (at least in comparison)

Lack of games and commitment plague the system a bit more than they usually do other systems (which is saying much!) but, personally coming out of a rocking PFS game recently (courtesy of Chemalle) I have seen first hand that the structure, pacing and overall way to play a PFS game is excellent for PbP as opposed to the long winded AP arcs from paizo - they are just too long to do effectively, save for a strongly dedicated group.

Ghardi came up with the idea to create here our own PFS boards and invite fellow DMs/GMs to pitch in and get some Pathfinder games rolling in a somewhat centralized way, to spread the word and induct newcomers or just to grant the gaming fix to those that like Pathfinder

About PFS Organized play [Official link]
On Golarion, the world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the Pathfinder Society is an organization of explorers, vagabonds, sages, and treasure hunters determined to plumb the depths of the darkest tombs, and collect relics and lore from bygone ages. Every member shares one common dream: to contribute to the Pathfinder Chronicles, printed editions of secret lore coveted by the Society wherein only the most impressive finds and bravest exploits of the Pathfinders are immortalized.

Pathfinders are a diverse bunch of scoundrels and wanderers. Their loyalties lie on all shores of the Inner Sea, and beyond their adventures as Pathfinders, they often find themselves mixed up in the murky politics of Absalom and the five nations who seek to control the City at the Center of the World from behind the scenes. The campaign centers on the sprawling city of Absalom, where five factions engage in a shadow war for control of the city's politics and economy.

In Pathfinder Society Organized Play, you play a member of the Pathfinder Society, seeking fortune and glory all over the face of Golarion. At the same time, your character works for one of the five competing nation-based factions, all with their own motivations and secret agendas.

Pathfinder Society Organized Play is a constantly evolving mega-campaign played by thousands of players and the adventures you experience are shared by players around the world. Play is organized into Seasons, throughout which the actions and achievements of you and your fellow Pathfinders create an ongoing storyline. Each season consists of at least 28 Pathfinder Society scenarios (short, 4-hour adventures) set in a variety of exotic locations across Golarion.

In a nutshell (or how I see it ) PFS play are a series of short adventures that make it easy for different players to game with different GMs, as rules for creation and play are streamlined to be modular an easy for anyone to pick up, being players getting into a new game or a GM picking up a new group.


I've rambled to much by myself, the objective here it to see who is willing to participate, both as GMs and/or players; and to pitch ideas on how to get this off the ground.


Current volunteers
  • Chemalle

  • Chemalle
  • magent_mx
  • DoNotFearToTread
  • Ghardi
  • Mr Melee
  • psychburn
  • Sintaqx
  • HughtheHand

  • Chemalle
  • magent_mx
  • Raenys
  • Skychaser1
  • arholly
  • ChromaticMoon
  • Quixotico
  • Limp Squirrel
  • Noah
  • Hunterindarkness
  • MarkelDevalus
  • eggsalted84
  • Iaqo
  • monkeyslippers
  • Ack
  • phiktional
  • DalkonCledwin
  • Ghardi
  • Mr Melee
  • atombonds
  • drkrough
  • EberronGoblin
  • Drakecoinus
  • revenge256
  • Geddian
  • Burne
  • Yu Jie
  • psychburn
  • itsgottabeodin
  • Dorinic
  • bored_teen
  • trellac zaundar
  • k012957
  • Kalizkan
  • Shdwrnnr
  • Sintaqx
  • HughtheHand

As a big fan of Pathfinder in general and a player in the same game ran by Chemalle I have to agree that it seems like Pathfinder Society games really lend themselves well to PBP. I'd be all for getting a little PFS chapter going here on Mythweavers and would be up for playing in a game or possibly in running one as well since the small adventures make it easier for a GM as well as the player.

Are we also going to do the same for the main competitors to Pathfinder? I consider Trailblazer at least an equally good alternative to Pathfinder (Better in some ways, worse in some others).

Although I suppose are we talking about the SYSTEM, or the "Society" sort of culture they have set up, or the series of adventures they have come out of? Will you all be supporting all the aspects of this, rather than simply the 'organized play'? Like give the people here a go-to sort of place for questions regarding the heir(s) of the 3.5e concept?

Edit: Sorry if my initial post wasn't 100% on topic, I tried to edit it to be a bit more relevant.

I also ran in Chemalle's recent PFS game and I don't have enough kudos to hand out to Chemalle and the other players in the game with me.

Something else that could come from an idea like this is running into various other characters/players during missions. A Pool of players/characters that we would get to know through IC trials, tribulations and OCC shenanigans.

I would be game to go as a player.

I still really like the idea of our characters evolving over different missions seeing faces familiar and new.

As a GM who managed to successfully run a PFS scenario here on Myth Weavers, I can reiterate what others have said: the modules are tailor-made for PbP. We finished ours in about a month of real time. I would be up for playing and GMing.

A key role that must be filled if we actually create a Myth Weavers chapter of the Pathfinder Society is that of Venture-Captain. This person must be the one responsible for organizing and reporting all games. It is absolutely crucial that all results are reported to Paizo, and that this is done by only one person. If we allow every GM to report their results, it'll be chaos. All GMs should report results to the Venture-Captain, who would then double-check everything, and finally report the results to Paizo.

I'm of the opinion that an official PFS chapter would need to be highly organized, with strict rules governing thread creation, labeling, player mustering, and above-board handling of chronicle sheets. Every GM would have to abide by the chapter rules, and all would answer ultimately to the Venture-Captain. At the least, a semi-official guidebook would have to be drawn up and stickied.

I'll volunteer myself as Venture-Captain. I have the experience of running PFS on the Weave, and I also am a regular at my local face-to-face chapter, so I know how the Society works. Still, if anyone else wants to take the reins, that's cool with me. I'm going to Gen Con next week, so I won't be able to dedicate any time to this until afterwards, just FYI.

I think the next step should be to gauge the size of the player pool. Once we have a rough estimate, we can decide how many GMs will be needed.

@ Gavinfoxx, Personally I don't know much about Trailblazer (apart from what I quickly googled just now ) sadly I don't dabble much into many game systems so I don't know much about this one, time is always an issue for me

I'm sure if sufficient interest is found for Trailblazer someone or a group of people could attempt to take the mantle and organize some games for it as we right now are attempting for the PFS system.

For now the main focus is on Pathfinder, specifically, society organized play and all that it entails (FYI, at the moment I don't know all that it entails )

I/We are in fact referring to the System (Pathfinder) and the Culture (PFS organized play) and the series of adventures they put out, and all aspects that can apply to PbP.

@ Chemalle, I agree that organization is key as well as strict rules. Personally I'm fairly new to organized play, but the concept has grown on me rapidly. I don't have much experience or know how the Society usually works despite what my avatar reads

I don't know if someone else would be interested or has as much experience as you do that would like the role of Venture-captain and manage the Myth-Weavers chapter, maybe one will make himself know in this thread during the coming days, but personally I second/approve/appreciate your motion as volunteer for the role

I imagine this would be a work in progress, with the player pool and GMs available growing as this matures. For now I'll keep count of those that show interest on the first post of this thread.

I'd be interested in joining. Right now I am about to start one of those long AP's, but would be interested in joining the PFS. I've just joined, so I'd need to read up on it.

Kingmaker? I have one of those brewing too but will take me a while to finish the setup... good luck!

Would you volunteer as a player, GM or both?

Yes, Kingmaker. Thanks for the good luck.

I'd probably start as a player, just to get a feel for it, but then maybe try a GM.


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