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When we finished with Chemalle he scanned and sent the sheets to us, that way we could continue with the PC either here or at a tabletop game.

I think maybe most of the time, once we finish a scenario here on the boards the next one will likely be here on the boards as well, so I think a special threadgroup to keep tabs would be the solution.

I applied for a Kingmaker game a while ago, but unfortunately it fizzled. I would love to play some Pathfinder with the PFS whenever there are open slots.

Maybe have a special thread where the GM could post (and then close) what players played and a scan of the sheet? Then it would be officially noted someplace else as well?

@ ChromaticMoon, will add you to the list!

@ arholly, yes, thinking out loudly there would be a threadgroup for all the chronicle sheets, with maybe a single thread for each player in it, a sort of log and place for each chronicle.

Also the Venture-captain would review and take information from there to send the reports.

I'm not exactly sure what Chronicle sheets are, but I run a Living Forgotten Realms game on here, and for Living Campaigns you have to log sessions. Since I'm not doing them officially/reporting them, I don't make a big deal out of it, but I have character threads for each player, and below their first post they'll make a post/journal entry for each adventure that they've played through. Replaying the same adventure is not fun if you've already done it.

Yeah, a threadgroup which contained individual threads for PCs would be ideal. With my group that recently finished, I gave them a scanned copy of the chronicle sheet, complete with my signature, but they were on their honor to fill it out correctly. With something like this, the chronicle sheets would have to be scanned to the players upon completion of the scenario, then filled out by hand by the player, then rescanned back to the PC thread. GMs and the Venture-Captain could then verify that everything is above board every time the PC starts a new scenario.

I noted this in my previous game, and I'll say it again here, because I don't want anyone to be confused: once you have a PC join a scenario, that PC cannot be played in any other scenario (including at home with friends or at conventions) until the scenario they are in is complete. That's very important, because your PC will be "in the field" for a while, considering the pace of PbP. My group here on the Weave finished a scenario in a month, but that translates to only one-third of the way to leveling. You level every 3 scenarios.

And here I was thinking on running a setting-focused PF game set in Brevoy.

Having recently returned to the Weave, and having a great deal of recent experience with GMing Pathfinder face-to-face, I would be tentatively interested in helping you guys out with GMing. Tentatively because my school schedule is brutal when I'm in session so I will need to see how things are looking this semester come August 22nd.

I have had to completely close up shop on my games before because of school so short (1 or 2 month) PFS games that are already crafted for me really appeal as a way to run without dashing player's hopes on a longer chronicle.

So yeah, color me willing to DM (though likely only one PFS game at a time).

Excellent to know, I'll add you to the list!

I doubt that those that GM will need to do more than one Scenario at a time (personal games not included) even if things get complicated for a particular GM at one point, having the predefined and global rules on how to create and manage a game will facilitate other GM pitching in or taking over if need be.


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