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Of course! Everyone's welcome in the Pathfinder Society (as long as rigorous tests are passed )

I can pass the test! I am willing! I'm new to pathfinder, but it seems pretty easy to pick up. Does the srd provided have all the info I need in it?

Well I was not planning to do PF on this site but would this be officially recorded? I do think you are allowed to do so but I am not sure.

@ Noah, There are two SRDs that I know about, one at Paizo and the other at d20pfsrd, the latter is what I usually use. These cover the core rules + some additional sourcebooks and everything needed for creation and 'normal' play.

The link on the first post details additional rulings for organized play, lets say the 'PFS variant'

So yes everything you need is available for easy reference.

@ Hunterindarkness, I don't see why not, but Chemalle most likely has a clear answer for this, I do know that the intent IS to do it officially.

It would indeed be officially recorded, and reported. This is allowed under Paizo's rules. I have already reported the scenario I ran, and the Paizo profiles for the PCs that were in that group should reflect that.

Yeah I know that for me I already have the report showing up on my pathfinder profile and it is cool to know that I could translate that to other venues and also continue on here on Myth Weavers.

Humm add me in then. I have on PFS pc, a level 1 ranger I have not used in a year{no one runs it here) and can always make another.

Originally Posted by MarkelDevalus View Post
I've never played Pathfinder because no one has ever helped me to learn it, and I don't have access to the books.
If you're posting on this site, you have access to the Pathfinder rules. They are online for free at If anyone has any questions about the game rules, or the way they are implemented in Pathfinder Society play, feel free to ask Magent MX or myself. You do not need experience with the game to enjoy PFS.

Well the official rules are here while you can download the PFS rules Here and this is a site with all the rules paizo has printed most golarion based and some PFS legal .

New players are a good thing Markel, many of us would be glad to help you learn, Just PM one of us.


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