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Mynd's Eye - Companion For One

Mynd's Eye - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Decision made! This ad will close in 24 hours.

My apologies if this is a tad disorganized. I haven't written an advertisement in ages.

The Premise

What is this?
This is Mynd's Eye, my longest running solo-player sandbox game. It's an open world with plots where you make them, as well as plots to discover. It was originally created as a homebrew-friendly place, and it's since evolved into a more casual-type game. That doesn't mean homebrew isn't an option.

World Info Here

Who are you?
Moi? Je suis Roi! Si vous ne me connaissez pas, je suis offense!
All bad French aside...
I've been playing 3.5e since 2006ish, so I've had plenty of experience with the mechanics. I've DMed many games, and learned loads from the failed ones. I'm also an avid writer, and love fantasy. I'm also young, so I'm probably not as good a DM as others with more life experience out there. Please take that into consideration when deciding whether or not you would like to apply to this game.
As a DM, I'm pretty lenient and lax - or at least, I like to think of myself that way.

Who are you looking for?
-Two players to be partnered with
Marra Carina, the human ranger (Lilbabe808) and The Soulvessel, the Warforged Binder (Ikul)
current players.
- Marra will probably have a hero-styled plot, whereas The Soulvessel is a follower for a rising villian. Pick wisely.
-Said player should be able to keep up with Lilbabe's/Ikul's post rate, which I imagine would be 1/day, though I'm not sure. I update once a day at most.
-A player who enjoys role and roll.
-A player who is good with communication (likes/dislikes about the game, absences).
-A player who will not disappear without warning.
-A player who has a good grasp of grammar and spelling.
-A good villain, if you plan to apply for The Soulvessel.

What should I, as a player, expect?
-More role than roll. Sparse combat, actually.
That doesn't mean you won't earn cash or level up though. There's plenty of that.
I can't remember making a combat map for a few months.
-Freedom. I have no stringent plot for players to follow. Make your own fortune, and I'll provide the bumps along the way.
-Anything you would expect of any other PbP game. Remember this is PbP, so things will move slowly.
-A DM who will not disappear for no reason.
-A DM who will update once a day most of the time.

The Application

So, what do those four things mean?
The Title is simply the characters name, followed by his or her race, and class(es).
The Description, Personality, and Background are all straightforward enough, I should hope. I expect at least a paragraph or two for each, but preferably less than a page.

If there are any questions, please fire away. I am sure to have missed something, and will append any asked questions to this ad, right below this. The ad is open for at least a week or two, depending on how impatient Lilbabe & Ikul get.

Please do not roll in this thread. I will open up a new thread to roll in. People who roll in this thread will be rejected from the application process immediately.

Game Description:

A world where anything can happen. This fledgling world is not like those other worlds. It toes the line, steps over it, and does a damn pole vault over it too. Welcome, the land of homebrew awaits.

A mind wasted is a terrible thing - Mindflayer Proverb

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You say that alignment is up to this other player, and that this game is very sandboxy. Can we get any info on which alignments he/she is actually allowing, and possibly what their character's goals are?

Interested, but will need to know more about Lilbabe's character. Would prefer to make a character that compliments/foils them rather than someone more stand-alone.

I would like to post interest as a cleric, prestiging into Radiant Servant, and way down the road maybe Apostle of Peace?

To all, I'm waiting on Lilbabe to post, really, since she's just made her character. Apologies on not getting that info first.

Markel, which book is Apostle of Peace in?

@Roi: Apostle of Peace is in BoED.

EDIT: For a level 2 game, a Changeling Rogue sounds fun.

Definately interested. I'm more of a role player than a roll player to be honest. Don't much get into the crunching and munching of character sheets anymore but if can certainly provide a character sheet to fill the blank. Will CAP until Lilbabe posts then see if we have a match. Thanks!

dj2145, character sheets aren't necessary until you've been accepted.

mishra, thanks

Markel, not entirely sure about vow of poverty, but I'd accept the class if that requirement was waived. VoP is iffy for me. Radiant Servant is A-OK.

The Vow is certainly very powerful, and I see no reason why the Apostle of Peace should need it. Would you like me to replace it with something else? Although I do love the idea of a impovrished cleric serving the light, and I usually would use the bonus feats to acquire more Vows haha. Is there maybe a way we could totally re-haul the Vow? Maybe that's too much work.

Vow of Peace, that makes sense.

Since this is mostly Roleplay I won't bother crafting a sheet right now. Here's my submission:

Title: Jeriah, Master Healer, Servent of Pelor, Apostle of Peace.

Description: A tall green cloak stands tall amidst a swirl of smoke and light. A deep hood masks a grim face, bowed in humility. Shoulders slump from the weight of a life lived in service to higher powers; arms clasp a gnarled wooden staff. A censure hangs loosely from worn vestments, a prayerbook is clutched tightly in a callused hand. Dominating and heavy thoughts permute the area around the figure. Responsibilities so grave and important are scripted on his essence, filling his eyes with sad, intense look. His gaze could cripple the heart of any mortal and beg them to the cloth with a glance.

Jeriah stands alone amidst a used and bloody battlefield, weeping silently among the corpses of lost friends. Another senseless battle...

Personality: Jeriah is a living saint with a million burdens. The greatest of all is of course, being a saint. His hands fill the world with light and healing, but Jeriah's purpose in life was never his own to decide. Sometimes, it makes him bitter. Sometimes, it fills with him joy.
For every living creature he heals, it seems some villain is just around the corner to murder an innocent. For every sinner he turns towards the light, an agent of the dark steals the innocence of another. Jeriah's battle feels endless, and it tires him greatly.
At his best, he's straight-forward, helpful, driven, motivated, and inspiring. At his worst, he's sullen, negative, aggressive, and painfully blunt about others' faults.
In addition to worshipping Pelor, he pays homage to Phieren, the Exalted Deity of Suffering and Martyrdom.

Background: Jeriah was orphaned to the church as a youth, leaving him a somewhat bitter and cynical child. He served as a page for the clergy, having no where else to go and no knowledge of the world. Searching for meaning and finding little, he delved deep into religious scripture, looking for an escape and finding faith instead. Though he was introduced to the practices of the clerics recently, his training has only just begun, and already he's chosen to exile himself as a missionary, bringing the light of Pelor to the dark corners of the world. The structure of the church, with it's rules and instructions of exactly how faith should be executed, quickly ate away at Jeriah's patience. He now seeks a more natural, intuitive method of practicing faith.

Sorry I didn't get to posting this till now. But here is all the info on my character. Here is a link to the sheet also: Marra Carina
She is a human ranger, two-weapon fighting style, and level 2.


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