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Maps for Use

Maps for Use

I thought I would try my hand at mapping some Arena maps recently and came up with the attached with a little time and effort.

If it wasn't so late I might describe my thoughts on the various areas of the map; what does what etc. but I'm beat so its off to bed.

Feel free to use this in your game if you think its good enough; all I ask is you follow the (ahem) following:

1) Don't say you made it; that's just bad karma!
2) Don't remove my name from the image
3) Drop me a PM if you use it in your game
4) Don't try to use it for profit; some of the map objects used are from other artists
5) Don't re-host the link from my dropbox account; please download and upload to another account of some kind

Targyrean Pools Map

EDIT: Concept in Brief:
  • The bridge separates two raised areas below which are four pools.
  • The pools each contain a different fluid of the DM's choosing.
  • Getting pushed off the ledge or the bridge causes the character to land in a pool.
  • After a set period of time trapped in the pool the character is teleported back to one of the doors.
  • The chests have random items/traps - player rolls and refers to a list of results when opening
  • Piles of bones can be animated into skeletons
  • Areas of darkness for hiding
  • Lights can be extinguished

pretty pictures

@ BlueShaine: I appreciate you saying so though to be honest one of the main reasons I'm doing this is just to practice since I feel I have a long way to go. Working in layers in PS makes life easier and I've definitely made improvements to my earlier lighting attempts but I still approach lighting with a sort of "I hope this turns out" attitude.

In my opinion if the scene is well lit it makes the map. It sets the atmosphere and adds a ton of interest to an otherwise flat-looking 2D image.

I plan to post more as I have ideas for arena's just so I can keep in practice.

Keep at it!
I don't make maps to save my soul (not counting minor ability through maptool), my art is character sketching which has taken a major lull lately.

@ OP,

the guides linked in my sig are going to be expanding soon for a section just for mapping in the GM GUIDE

If you produce a small collection of various maps I might be able to include them as a resource for starter GM's

I would suggest then, especially since you're practicing anyway, a few generic style maps.

Some suggestions:

-A monster cave

-A Castle

-A hamlet

-An overland map

as all of those will be highly desired by new GM's

This also give me a great idea for a project "MW's STARTER MODULE!!!"

This would be something for a GM to try out for their first game they run. A royalty free module that anyone could play and would also be great for running newbie games for new players.


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