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Looking for a player

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Legend of the Five Rings 3e
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I am looking for one Shugenja (magic user) for my L5R 4th edition game. You must be able to post on a regular basis, at least daily. I will take first time players to the game with no problem. I am looking for an interesting background story. If I accept the app, then based on the amount of detail present I will award bouns xp for it. The time frame for the game is during Empress Iweko's first winter court, for those who have played before.

Standard character creation rules apply. All pc's are rank 1

Please, no spider clan submissions, as they have been banished at this time.

If you are new to the mechanics and need help or want to make sure the numbers are right, I have no problem double checking for you but back ground is key.

I look forward to any submissions give.

Game Description:

4th edition L5R

Can you give some info about the other characters and the story you're running?

Note: I have read the game so far and most of the background info, but it seems to be light on details.

@Corellon and Pyresight
The reason some of the general info is light as some back ground RP has been in each character private thread. everyone has secrets after all

That being said the party make up consists of a crane samuari, a scorpion samuari, a mantis samuari and a ronin, who is their dupty and works for them. They are emerald magistrates.

The Shugenja will end up becoming a ruby magistrate.

An Imperial Legion has been crushed by an unknown force and they are being sent to find out what happened, dispensing the Empress's justice as is their right and magistrates. they are charting their own course to a degree and the larger events of the time play themselves out.

I am lothe to give out much background details on each as they may have their own agendas and I want their personalities to come out. I need a shugenja to balance out the need for magic, not to min/max a party. You will have to discover for each of you, your skill sets and strengths as well as weaknesses. I want to immerse the pc's as much as possible to the culture of the setting. I will put up cultural notes as we play to aid in this. every pc has a private thread for those times when the group doesnt need to know something for politics if anything.

Okay, thanks for the extra details, that helps. I'm working on writing up a background for a Dragon character which I should have ironed out and posted sometime this weekend.

I'm a decent player but notoriously bad at things that have happened to me in the past as I always focus on the characters personality and attitude going forward rather than what has happened in the past. I'll jot my idea down, if you're interested at all I can expand on it but I'm a far better player than I am a writer...

My idea + rough background:
Tsi Oda, Oriole Shugenja and someday artificer.

Tsi Oda was born a simple ronin, his father Oba the Blacksmith claims his mother was a samurai who stopped by their small village outside the capital city one winter, pregnant and ashamed to tell her family. Oda took in the young girl and kept her warm and well fed over the winter. She gave birth and fled before the snows melted leaving him to raise the young Ronin she named Oda. Growing up he learned to work alongside his father making simple implements for the local farmers before he left his father to pursue an apprenticeship in the arts of togi, or sword polishing. A far more fitting occupation for a ronin than repairing farming implements. When a young ronin named Xen had him polish a sword and noticed Oda singing softly to the blade and appearing to chat with it he mentioned the oddity of it to a ronin named Zutaka who would later become Tsi Zutaka when he was recognized for his service. During the formation of the Oriole clan he pledged fealty and was accepted as Tsi Oda as a young untrained shugenja.

Lacking a formal school of their own Oda was quickly fostered to the
Free raise for craft spells seems useful for a Tsi Shugenja but I'm not married to the idea.
Tamori for training. Oda recently graduated and was invited to the first winter court of Empress Iweko along with Tsi Zutaka.

His personality is a that of a young man, a bit insecure about his humble origins if he thinks people look down on him or pity him for it yet fiercely driven to succeed and become worthy of his adoption into the Tsi. He dreams of being able to discover knowledge that would allow him to unlock the tsi blades his adopted brothers have crafted. (I'm fine with the goal of making magic swords being an IC goal that doesn't happen IG). He takes great pride in working with those of lower status as he remembers growing up one of them himself, he's quick to temper if samurai mistreat them harshly.

Mechanics highlights.
Earth 3, Water 3, Artisan: Togi 3, friendly earth kami that likes to live in his Wakizashi. Ally Oriole clan daimyo too if you think it'd be a good one to pick, not sure if we're heading off into the wilderness with zero further contact or not. If so he'd be background info instead of an actual ally. Brash (not a wise idea but it fits the char).

Definitely going for Phoenix Ishiken-Do. My only question, wouldn't you have to achieve extraordinary feats to become an Emerald Magistrate at such low levels of experience (ICly)? I was under the impression they were seasoned samurai.

Either way, I'm going with a Phoenix Ishiken-Do (Affinity for Void or Air, not sure yet). Working out the personality and history, so I wanted to shoot a question by before I do.

not really. they are mostly political appointments with no real prior knowledge of the law needed according to Emerald Empire. you can gain them as a reward for service as well. to attend the actual dojo does require you to be experienced (rank 4).

Things stand the same for the ruby magistrates as well. you will gain the appointment in game. so i just a good background as a lead up.

Alright! I was just curious because what I read told me that the Emerald Magistrates were chosen by the Empress herself. Wanted to double check. Also, don't you mean Jade Magistrate for Shugenja? Ruby Champion (closest thing I found) is martial.

I meant Jade. Never type late at night kids. It leads to dumb mistakes, lol.
It's more like this person is suggested to be one, the Emerald Champion dubs the magistrate. Here is a small section from Emerald Empire that explains it. It may help all of you with your backgrounds.

It is worth noting that a position as a magistrate (whether
clan, Emerald, or Jade) is usually not something which a
samurai earns through training or expertise in the law. Rather,
most magistrates are appointed to their positions—perhaps
because their superiors consider them trustworthy or capable,
or because they have earned a reward for their loyal service.
Some magistrates are also appointed because they have pulled
strings and accumulated political influence in order to win a
higher position among the buke, and it is these sorts who are
most likely to succumb to corruption or abuse of power.


It is important for GMs and players to be aware that
being a magistrate is primarily a political appointment
and does not necessarily have anything to do with
whether the samurai is actually trained or qualified to
be a magistrate.

So, for example, you win the Topaz Champion duel. Your reward, besides being champion for a year and free gear, is an appointment of your choice. So can say, Emerald Magistrate and bing bang boom here you go no questions asked.

I hope this helps


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