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MW Starter Module

Someone may have already posted this, I havn't had a chance to view all the posts yet. But a fun idea for nerration just came to me. If any of you have played borderlands (the shooter), you know the game is nerrated by a grumpy older man to a bunch of orphans.

I think that since this is intended to be a "By MW, for MW" module, then it being nerrated as a campfire story would really fit into that theme. From its name, to its earth colors, Myth-Weavers has always envoked images of campfire stories in the back corners of my mind.

I'll read a bit more tomorrow, but count me in as a writer and a potential playtester (PC).

It's a good idea. I see it has perks and downfalls. I'll put it up to debate though, I do think it's a fun idea but I also see how it might deter from the purpose.

Needs more time to stew I think.

Hmm... I see you have a lot of collaborators already. To what roles are you still looking people for?

Hello! I am Mustardo the Mighty, Lord of the Condiments. My shtick is everything 4e, and making battle grids assembled from scans of the official dungeon tiles. Behold, the power of examples:

This being a wholly not-for-profit project, I'm going to assume that openly using battle grids such as these would not cause any legal problems. In the event that we'd rather play it safe, however, I can forego that end of things, and instead just help with converting it to 4th Edition.

a) this is freedomischaos's wife stealing his account
b) I'm currently at home without a job, so i'd love to help contribute character and background sketches. as long as watercolors arent a problem. anything is fine though. i can "jane of all trades" if you catch me. I'd just really like to help.
c) I'll post a sample tomorrow?
d) this is a great idea. i've been plotting to dm for some time now and a resource like this would be amazing. now i have to make myself an account here, huh?

Originally Posted by World of L_Tiene View Post

For this particular project I feel we have a good art team. Though I won't turn down help, I would prefer using your art skills on a potential future "supers module" project. I think the bright colors and art story you have would create a very pulp feel, which would be great for that project, less so for this.

If you want to lend a hand though, please do apply to the game.
I'll sit tight for the next project, then!

Another idea to potentially attract attention from people who dont frequent this site may be to include in each module a unique enemy or item. Something not too complex, yet unique enough to get people from other sites coming here for our resources.

For example, for years I have had the pdf for a module called "The Illusionist's Daughter". Nothing super fancy, only sold for 2.50 when it first came out, but I always remembered it because of a unique beast they added called a "Battle Mastiff". One day while rummaging through the back shelves of a hole in the wall bookstore (a dungeon in its own way), I came across that very module marked at 8$. Even though I already had the PDF, I HAD to own it just because of that specific monster.

Those items have great power to pull people to them. I don't think you will regret it if you made a point to include something like this in every module. Perhaps a quarterly module could become a bit of a tradition on MW. Admittedly I havn't checked out the farland world, so that could be it already. But something the entire community is welcomed to join in on is a great motivator for attracting people to a site.

@dk, thats an amazing idea! I will get to the art dept and see what they can do. Having a unique beast will be a great boon. I will send u an invite when i get home.

Due to the overwhelming response and large ammounts of talent i am recruiting for a second project with no production schedule at this time but would like to get key personale started on it so we aren't scrambling to keep up with various departments. I will note this in the op when i get in tonight. The second project has a basic supers concept and will be larger than the current undertaking (thinking starter campaign setting). The reason this has no schedule is because of the size and that i have too many projects right now. This will merely be a jumpstart for volunteers and i would very much hate to see anyone's talent and enthusiasm go to waste.

hi i was just lurking about and saw this thread and saw you needed visual artists, im not sure how youd like my skills but id like to apply for the position. i tried posting my deviant art url's but i got blocked due to low post count so i can pm you the links to them if you'd like

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