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MW Starter Module

Well I am an experienced writer. I've written several short stories, including one that won second place in a national writing competition in high school. I can write like crazy when inspiration hits. I'm even working (on and off) on a fantasy novel, though I'm having trouble having it not be too generic. Since the project is supposed to be McGeneral vonTrope that would make it so easy it's not even funny. I also have 14 years of gaming experience, and 12 of those as Gm/DM/Storyteller/Mastermind/LO/whatever. I'd also be willing to work as a play-tester in either capacity.

will send you an invite/pm

Hello there -

I'm a freelance editor/proofreader and will cheerfully chip in some time going over everything to catch typos and errors. I'm new to the forum but have gamed for years, and I generally work within the science fiction/fantasy genre. Hope this might be of some use as you move forward with the project.


Thanks much ysabiau!

We have 2 sets of eyes on this at present but a third for when we do final proofing would be very valuable to make sure we have it all nice and squared up.

ah! sorry for the wait, this is freedomischaos's wife.
I'm PMing you some examples right now, under his name since this is a fresh account and I cannot post links.

FYI, jump in to the non-sequitar board as there is some activity threads there that make it easy to get your post count up.

If you're looking for writers, I would love to assist. I manage a team of technical writers and editors professionally and I think my creative writing isn't too darn shabby either (I'm sure the GMs I play for and the players I GM for on here would attest to that).

Let me know how you would like me to assist.

please PM me a brief writing sample, or post here.

Here's a campaign I'm currently running that will show my writing style:


Here's a campaign where I'm playing a slacker superhero:


Here's an application with a writing sample of the character I'm playing in a campaign:


Thanks much

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