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MW Starter Module

Originally Posted by blymeyblake View Post
To whom it may concern;

I'm intrigued:

I have played both D&D and WoW. I have some ideas about the differences and similarities regarding Pathfinders and fourth edition Dungeons and Dragons. I think people don't understand the differences in the play style of those games, furthermore, I believe they may be integrated so that they both appeal to a wider audience. Would that be of help for this project?

I need writers for this project. Gaming experience is less relevant. If interested, please PM me a sample.

we will when we get to that point. Right now we're in the writing stages.

I am just confused and could use some direction as to where to begin writing. I've seen others directed to go to the Dwarf City thread and start writing and have looked that thread over. Still no clear directions there as to where you are in the creation process or what you need written.

Sorry about this, but could you be more specific? I could outline a shop if you like...how about "The Leatherworks" or a tailor, or perhaps a cobbler or mason. You seem to have one or two tavern-style descriptions already, as well as a weaponsmith. I could work up an encounter in the town square if I had an idea of its layout...unless I can make that stuff up, or a back-alley brawl even.

Sure but move communications to the actual board, and there is specifically a stuck thread called "I need an assignment". As the instructions state, please post there when you are unsure what to do.

If you need any editing, I have experience teaching writing. I can also help with story ideas and pencil sketches of female characters of any size, shape, race, and so on.

I need creative writers to actually pen words. Most of the conceptual stuff is laid out, we are needing to commit it to actual description now.


Originally Posted by World of L_Tiene View Post
I need creative writers to actually pen words. Most of the conceptual stuff is laid out, we are needing to commit it to actual description now.
Hello. I'm coming back to MW after a couple months away. I saw the notice and wanted to see if I might be able to help with the writing. Here's a couple samples (let me know if you need more samples or more info about me):

I am curious if the writting you are looking for is going to be some thing like the town sets for the AD&D settings? They had a map of the town though you always seemed to find yourself starting in a tavern. If so would something like this be appropriate:

You find yourselves in a small poorly lit tavern the smell of fish oil and smoke permeating the air. The voices of what seems to be at a quick glance an assorted lot of sailors, creates a dull buzz in the back of your head. That combined with the stench of smoke and unwashed bodies appears to have affected the serving women for they stand listlessly by the bar ignoring the patrons. Suddenly the main door burst open admitting a stocky cloaked figure amidst a flurry of wind and water.
All sound in the tavern stops as all eyes turn toward the stranger, in the silence you are now able to pick up the faint sounds of rain on the shingles. When the stranger moves the thump of his steps as he walks toward the hearth sound as if Death were knocking at the door. He stops just a few feet from you and turns as if looking for something, his features hidden beneath his hood…..

Although the indents did not stay in place. Sorry.

That's about what we are looking for Ishtari.

If you have the time to invest, please do apply to the game MW GUIDES.


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