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MW Starter Module

Guidelines for formatting is what I am all about. If I can get a committed artist and cartographer we're good to get started. I am still finishing up the last two guides, but I can spare some formatting structure time.

What exactly are you looking for in the writing sample? Do you want the module text as we would present it or what we would present were we running a story?

preferably a scene opening boxed text keeping in mind the fun factor. Shouldn't be overly silly, dark or dramatic as the play style of the module will be determined by the players and GM. A paragraph or three is plenty to show good understanding of composition, English and writing skill. I also recognize you'd be writing blind without any real knowledge of subject, but that's also part of the challenge I suppose.

Looks good to me.

Now we need a solid cartographer and portrait artist and we're good to go.

I'm probably going to start setting this up as a game board soon.

Between you, D, and myself we can get started on some conceptual design elements.

I may have to get a recruitment ad going though... was kinda hoping to have those two slots filled before we got to that phase, but blargh... gotta do what I gotta do

Good cartographers are hard to come by.

A dedicated, talented artist even more so. I think if you put a hold on the portrait artist though you could get some great stuff from ShadowStalker. His portraits are awesome and one of a kind. I don't know if you follow his thread but here are some examples.

I particularly like the latest one, not to derail the discussion. The top on that character is like...perfect.

The elf warlord is also very good.

Well I suppose in the mean time we can MS paint it for rough drafts, and get some concept pics from google, but I'm mostly concerned with not having them ready to start with because I know artists generally produce slowly and I don't want this project to be dragged out so long waiting on a cartographer and artist that all excitement for the project dies and it turns into obnoxious labor. It's already going to be enough work. I suppose we can pull from other sites as well if needed but I'd prefer to keep this a MW community project (a "by the people for the people" kind of thing).

I'll get started on that next phase.

Current Line Up:

Project Manager: World of L_Tiene
Editor: dauphinous
Lead Writer: Izual

Lead Cartographer: TBA
Lead Portrait Artist: TBA

All associated parties are considered to be part of conceptual design.

Also about Shadowstalker:

His art is indeed unique and certainly suits the feel of the generic low powered fantasy, but my only concern is that his rate of picture generation is roughly 1 per week and he is backlogged significantly. As far as I know he's booked indefinitely with that thread, and I kind of need someone with that speed to be starting on this project asap. I wouldn't mind waiting a bit if he posted a quality picture every other day, but with that rate the project couldn't be finished for half a year at best, and that's too long of a production time for a single module. If he can do it though, I would very much like his work to be featured as it is perfect for this kind of project.

All staff (currently Izual, D) please report in here: http://www.myth-weavers.com/forumdis...19310&tg=21148 in the OOC and take a peek a priority one please.

I will be putting up a recruitment ad once I hear back from nautilus and shadow.

Well before I keep moving forward then. Maybe I should make certain that I'm who you're looking for.

I've gotten as far as the female elf.
But only as B&W vector art.

An for the reference (though it's a little old) this is what happens when I go full color.

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