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MW Starter Module

Peruhain, I believe your attention to detail can deff. be put to work, however I would have to insist we get you some better software to work with. There is tons of free options.

My best suggestion to you is to go to the cartographer's guild right away and ask about free software and look over tutorials.

I am sending you an invite to the game forum for the MW module. Please accept and head over and communicate with us there.

Trueheart, thanks so much for joining up with the project. So far we haven't gotten to specific encounters yet but I think this is the right time to start talking about them.

There is extensive concept work in effect though, so please hold off until we get you over to the group. You'll primarilly need to review Izual's writings thus far.

I will send you an invite as well. Please keep in mind we don't want or need stats at this time (that is much further down the road), thusly your encounter work will need to be conceptual at this time.

Originally Posted by Peruhain View Post
That AutoRealm map looks pretty decent, Izual. Does that software have the capacity to overlay a dungeon floorplan on a grid pattern as well? I might have to give it a try.
Yes, it does actually. In addition to customizable size square grids, hex grids and isometrics are available. Some of the icon packs in game actually provide isometric objects such as doors, walls, furniture, and weapons.

One thing that I've seen AutoRealm do that a snapshot just can't do justice involves the set view feature. The user creates "views" which change what is visible on the screen. Example: At zoom 1 the player is looking down on a city. At zoom 2 the player is looking down on a section of the city with visible roads and businesses. At zoom 3 the player can see the floorplan of literally every building. The engineer of the city (the guy using AutoRealm) can make things as detailed as he wants or leave it open. It really is a spiffy program, minus s*** vanishing from unpublished view for no reason.

I have very little skill with the various systems on the Weave, but I am a fairly decent writer (I've been complimented on my concepts and character personalities), and I'm willing to be a PC playtester (And maybe a GM playtester, if it'd be okay if I learn as I go.)

All in all, Tiene, this sounds like a very useful idea.

Originally Posted by Peruhain View Post
Nice maps, Shadow Stalker. You've certainly got a better system for producing regional maps than I do. I take it you have a good scanner that will render the details nicely?
The reason I draw in ink is due to the lack of sensitivity of my scanner. It's not the worst, but it could be a lot better. Also, I can't draw maps on one big piece of paper, because my scanner is too small.

Anyways, can't wait to see what you come up with. Also, I'm afraid if I were to do maps, they would be limited to regional maps. But, I'm focusing on the characters for now, so good luck!

I'm going to make a suggestion that will probably get shot down due to making more work. Published adventures always run the risk of players somehow getting a hold of it and thus knowing the adventure ahead of time. My suggestion is to build this adventure with multiple paths and outcomes so that even if you've read the adventure, you don't know which specific path is happening. This is very similar to the methodology of the game Clue.

Also, flow chart the adventure rather than hard wiring it. You don't have to put adventure points right there on the map, but rather have a description of land marks that will be passed on the way there. A special event doesn't take place at a specific city, but rather the next city the party enters. Don't fluff out adventures with random encounters.

just wanted to say: in interest of not being gender biased, you should change the announcement to a few good people, instead of a few good men

Probably not what you were thinking when you asked for a dwarf, but here goes!

Should I bother shading it? I literally just farted it out just then.

I would gladly donate some of my free time to the project. I am fairly well versed in both 3.5/4e having been playing/running both since they came out. I am also a graphic design student with access to all the adobe programs, so I might be able to help with the formating/publishing/.pdf making. Plus play testing and general brainstorming...

Do you have any more need for art? I know we'd talked on G+ about doing something else and I'm content to wait for that if you'd rather I just do that instead

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