[PLANNING] Musters

[PLANNING] Musters

So fellow GMs what's brewing in those cauldrons? we don't want angry Pathfinders rioting on the streets do we?

I'll be posting a Muster soon, once I feel I'm in the swing of things on the administrative side. Not sure what to run yet.

You could delegate tasks to other GMs, help take the load of administrating a bit, I imagine that reporting and such takes a good deal of time as well.

Suggested roles would be:
  • Greeting and directing new players.
  • Administrating player registry
  • Promoting the Society to non members

dunno just thinking out loud.

I agree. I'm also deciding on which scenario to run. However, I'd like to see what players are available and what levels their characters are before I choose. I know the scenarios scale to cover a range of levels, but they still do have tiers in terms of level ranges.

Also, is the intent here to just accept every player who decides to join the game? I see we got a few join requests. They may be for magent_mx's scenario. I just haven't cross referenced names yet. However, I could see anyone and everyone interested in playing a game putting for a join request, and pretty soon we could have a very long list of "players" who joined but never got involved due to lack of interest or available scenarios/GMs to run them. Should we just accept the players who put for a join game request who we are intending to run in our scenarios only?

The intent is to accept everyone into the forums who has a membership in the Society. Once inside the forum, they don't have to participate at all if they don't want to. When a Muster pops up, there will no doubt be a bit of feeding frenzy to get the six spots, but that's the way it goes. Basically, these forums are like a mini Myth Weavers. I serve as a moderator, the GMs' musters serve as game ads, etc.

Those invites request are in general for the game forum not a specific scenario, since we all are GMs I think we are all getting the acceptance request.

The task of accepting valid players fall unto the Venture-captain, from then on each player select any muster he can apply to. Until then the GM is able to review and select PCs.

How will we handle drop outs? I'm not sure how this translates to the pathfinder society guidelines. Ideally, you accept your six players into your scenario and they run with it cradle to grave. Realistically, given the PbP format, you're bound to lose a few or even up to half your party to drop outs from time to time. How do we complete the scenario if this happens? We can't re-recruit in the middle of a scenario, can we? And, the difficulty can only be throttled down to the minimum per the pathfinder society guidelines. Do we simply NPC drop outs until the end as the GMs? What is your opinion?

Hopefully the shortness of each scenario (aprox 1 month PbP time) will make it harder for the player base to drop significantly, if ideally we recruit 6 PC for our game we have room to handle two desertions without problems.

If it were to go lower than that well... I don't know yet

I know that if a GM goes missing one of us would pick up the slack though.

That's an excellent question, Mr Melee. My feeling is that anyone who drops out before the GM calls an end to the scenario receives no chronicle sheet, no treasure, and no experience. As long as the minimum of 4 players is met, play should continue. If the new APL causes the party to drop down into a different sub-tier, I think only then should a GM use one of Paizo's pre-gens as an NPC to keep the subtier intact. Downloadable pregens can be foundhere. I am strongly against recruiting in the midst of play, because this is unfair for everyone involved. Sound good?


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