[PLANNING] Musters

Works for me. Thanks for the quick reply.

I agree to the above.

So I've been watching the mustering grounds, and it seems like #39 and #29 are still needing characters, so I'm going to put off starting a game until those have started. I think two open games at most might be a good idea, though it is very strange having too many DMs and not enough players =P

#29 is about to close momentarily, and #39 isn't far behind. I think if you're ready to rock, you should post a muster. It's always good if players have a lot of options. Plus, it looks better!

#39's ready for a game thread. I have some minor coordination in regards to some of my character sheet review comments with the players, but these should be cleaned up in the next day.

Quick GM question. I have a player who is fielding a bard with a strength of 7. If I was being a stickler, I would state that this character was going to have encumbrance issues throughout the game. However, in my own games, I usually don't police this at all, unless someone obviously abusing their carrying capacity or it becomes an in game situational issue (i.e. the gnome wizard wants to drag the unconscious half-orc barbarian out of a room). This is organized play though, so I'm assuming I need to field the stickler point of view. Am I correct in my assumption or is it something that I can treat like I do in my own games?

Final question. I know we are not supposed to deviate from module or adventure plots, but how much flex do we have to ad-lib and breath life into NPCs or situations? In PbP, I think it's going to be very hard to speak from the modules and adventures verbatim. I guess we could, but we will be railroading the PCs creative juices to a certain degree. I'll try to read the ongoing adventures a bit to get an idea of what the rest of you are doing, but I just thought I'd ask to get the short version.

My feeling is that nothing comes without strings. I assume the stat is so low because another stat got pumped to over 18. Strength 7 comes with consequences, one of which is the inability to carry pretty much anything. I say track it like a hawk, and play it to the hilt. If the notion of encumbrance tracking bores you, though, then you are free to ignore it. There's no rule saying you have to use encumbrance in Organized Play. The player may have trouble with her next GM, though, who would be perfectly within his rights to demand correct tracking.

Regarding NPCs, you most certainly can ad-lib and breathe life into them! It's encouraged! They can have totally different personalities than what is written, if you want. Here's what you can't change: treasure, gold, Fame and Prestige beyond 2 each, and granted boons, i.e. pretty much everything on the Chronicle sheet. PCs may not find every goodie, and that's fine, but you (as the GM) are not allowed to add any additional treasure or bennies other than what is written.

It's also a good idea to not introduce too many side quests other than what is published. Speed is paramount. Remember that these are intended to be played in 5 hours at a tabletop.

Other than that, go nuts!

Chemalle, are we still limiting players to 1 game? I have some of my players who have asked again.

There is a thread on the topic here, and I answer your question there. In a nutshell, yes, the limit of one scenario per player is still in effect.


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