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are we still checking the application thread for people who are applying there?
Oh yes. I get instant email notification if there is a new post in that thread, and everyone gets an invite if they give me a PFS number.

I am toying with the idea of running Master of the Fallen Fortress, but couldn't remember if there were restrictions about running Modules here on MW. I think I remember reading "no season 0" but I could be making that up...

Anyway, would this be viable? Could I post it just like any other muster?

Master of the Fallen Fortress is allowed in PFS play. The full list of sanctioned modules can be found here. Note that on the web page for the module itself, there is a link for PFS chronicle sheets and pre-gens.

I would make special note in your muster that this is a normal length module, and thus will take even longer to complete (about three times as long) than a standard PFS scenario.

My RL PFS game day has been canceled (), and so I will not have a chance to try out #30: Cassomir's Locker.

I'm debating whether to run that one, or We Be Goblins.

#30 Cassomir's LockerWe Be Goblins
God sorta bad reviews (2.3/5 stars)Everyone LOVES this one (5/5 stars)
Allows 6 players.Should only be run with 4. Maybe I can run two iterations.
Players can run their own PCsPlayers must run Pregens
Players can receive full awardsPLayers only get 1XP and 1 PP max.
(A little shorter than most scenarios)
The Sot & Anari will get to continue their adventure.Nope.
Costs $4 (Yeah, I know. I'm pitiful.)Free for meee!

As one of the PCs in the lurch, what do you think Chemalle?

:/ Perhaps that was not an appropriate question to ask of our Coordinator(or at least one hard to answer, politically).

I think I'm going to go the We Be Goblins Route. Expect a muster today/tomorrow.

As far as the actual post goes, there's no set guide to it, other than to mention that it's strictly first come, first served. For the title, mine was "MUSTERING for Scenario #3-05: Tide of Twilight.", as given to me by Chemalle. You'd put in your own scenario number and title of course. I'd suggest waiting for him to PM you regarding the forum and how to set it up- he manages all of this as the Coordinator, doing it yourself might be against the rules for all I know.

That's fine by me. The soonest I'd be able to put it up would be... Wednesday, it looks like. So plenty of time to chicken out.

Thanks Shadow, for helping out. Mystic, he's right about everything, and you can take my PM to him as the same I would have sent to you. And yes, you create the Mustering thread, but I create the game forum threads (once the Muster is complete). Feel free to post the Muster as soon as you're ready.

I also will send you an invite as a GM, so you'll have editing privileges on the forum. Make sure you accept it.


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