[PLANNING] Musters

I am about done with both the ones I am running. One will be moving into Cassomir's Locker, and looking for one player to supplement the 5 in the first part. The second will be an open Muster, I have a couple ideas...

1) Silent Tide
2) Rise of the Goblin Guild
3) if there is enough interest, something at Tier 3-4

Other options...

Frostfur Captives
Blood cove Disguise
Penumbral Accords
Written in Blood

I'm gonna say Rise of the Goblin Guild has a very funny start for PbP.

The faction missions are largely at the beginning so the first thing the party does is split up. Then, the chase is a bit funny too and likely extends into many many rounds. (I'm on round 8)

My schedule has definately lightened up some now, hurray! Can take a more relaxed approach now that I'm more or less ready for end-game stuff.

I should look into the mods now, see what appeals.

I have done neither of those things.

Mainly I've been doing the (pretty much mandatory) daily quest grinding for all this time. The one part of the expansion that people hates, everything else is pure gold.

hmhhm Muster Planning...

Well I'm planning, I wonder is this thread should be better located in the Pathfinder Lounge so that non GM's might also offer an opinion. Anyhow.

I want a feeler on what to run, my options based on previously played scenarios would be:

* Master of the Fallen Fortress
* Delirium's Tangle
* The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment
* The Icebound Post
* Tide of Twilight
* We be Goblins!
* The Quest for Perfection Arc
* The Frozen Fingers of Midnight
* Mists of Mwangi
* The Citadel of Flame
* The City of Strangers + Shadow's Last Stand Arc

I could be bribed to run a Scenario / Module I haven't played before, send me a PM for a link to my paypal account if interested

I'd be good for all of the above. I have two completely green first level characters, and can generate more (and might just do so because making new characters sounds like more fun than grading the problem set I have to grade...).

right now I am currenty in 3 scenarios...more than I am comfortable with. But on the chance that you don't start until one of my characters finishes...Delerium, Citadel, I haven't played in or run. MoFF may be an option if Bevam or Nobody isn't L2. I have run Empyreal Enlightenment, Icebound Post and Mists and played in Tide of Twilight, QfP, Frozen Fingers, and CoS/SLS.

Remember that Nobody will (presumably) be following through a three part arc, so she won't be free for quite awhile.

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