[PLANNING] Musters

I'm thinking I'll end up running part 2 of Before the Dawn and part 2 of Shadow's Last Stand. Strangely enough those are the first several and last several scenarios of season 2

Chemalle, I'll be away for about a week and a half from this Friday. I might be able to get a muster up to see who is interested in running through Shadow's Last Stand 2 - would you rather I hold on the muster and put it up once I get back, or would you rather I post it now to give it time to fill up then come back and run it?

That's awesome, Ghardi. I don't have a preference for when you put up the muster. Whatever is more convenient for you. Thanks for stepping up to GM again!

So Chemalle, do we need to talk with you specifically before starting a muster? Or can we start them ourselves w/o coordinator assent? Considering running a duplicate game for the new guys, and I wondered what the policy was,

Yep, you can start a muster on your own. Just make sure you capitalize MUSTERING in your thread title, and you note tiers and first come, first served in the body of your post.

D'oh. Too late. I don't ever look at my UCP anyway, so it will only annoy other people

Edit: Muster up ahead of schedule. Let me know if I left anything out or need to change anything.

Sorry for the double post, but didn't think this warranted a new thread. PeteZero mentioned that he thought Master of the Fallen Fortress wasn't worth any fame/prestige, and I was wondering if I could get a ruling. I'm willing to compromise and only give 1 because it is about the same length as We Be Goblins.

Everything I read(paizo.com forum(this is as close as it gets) points to this mod giving 0PP, but I can't find an official document saying so.

Alas, you do not get to pick how much PA is awarded.

Aye, but there is a box on the chronicle sheet for Prestige. And, there is nothing in the 'official' rules for using the module in PFS (like there is in Godsmouth) to tell one way or the other. Josh's Word of God would be RAI at best, considering the RAW (for Season 3 anyway) is that 1 fame/prestige is earned for successfully completing the scenario. That is why I said I would be willing to compromise for 1 fame/prestige. That's probably all it is really worth anyway.

Edit: Especially now that conditions and expended items in modules carry over. There should be comparable reward now that there is real risk involved.

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