[PLANNING] Musters

I'm afraid there is still no Prestige nor Fame awarded for this module, even under the new rules. MotFF was an Intro mod with factionless PCs used for a Free RPG Day, and has special rules even on top of the already special rules for sanctioned modules.

It's likely that even were you to house-rule in a Prestige Award, when it comes time for me to report it to Paizo, I won't even be able to enter in the award.

C'est la vie. It was worth it to ask.

Maybe I can get them to change it someday, or at least publish it in an easy to find spot instead of relying on word-of-mouth.

So I've been seeing a lot of new sign ups, that's great! though I worry we are maybe biting more that we can chew as GMs since there's so few of us still last thing I'd want is for new players to come and don't find games.

We need GMs to start mustering! I plan to set up another First Steps soon to accommodate some of the newbies to the society

No you my friend should stop a bit or firefighters will come and find a burnt stump
I'm calling out to new GMs!

There will be another GM joining us soon: Tattered King. I agree, though, that we had a deluge of inserted players recently. I think I'll modify the ad to reflect that I'm only looking for GMs. If our new untested GMs are reading this thread, please put up a muster! Or, if you're hesitant about what's required of you, just ask!

Maybe I should try running the First Steps series, it's free... the problem is, the First Steps series is kind of banal. :/

Trying to get my hat back into M-W.

Is there any model anyone been dieing to play? I'm thinking of maybe running:

2-13: Murder on the Throaty Mermaid
2-21: The Dalsine Affair

I'm just going by the descriptions and the reviews, I don't have any of them yet. I'm more interested in DMing a RP game than a H&S game.

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