Rokugan needs a few good samurai...

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Rokugan needs a few good samurai...

The Second Clan War - Forum
Legend of the Five Rings 3e
Ad Closes: Aug 23 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 7

A Poor OmenSplintering wood broke the still, quiet calm of the night. A lonely waystation on a minor road that trailed down the coast from the Phoenix lands to pass before the Emerald Champion's castle. Over the last century, the road had widened and turned further inward as Otosan Uchi became a place best avoided at wide berth by merchants without heavy guards.

Screams followed the snaps of wood - and soon enough the cries of anguish met. Loud enough to alert sentries in the distance who were quick to notify the proper authorities.

By the time the members of the Daidoji Black Guard arrived, there was little to do but burn the ruins and the bodies before they could grow worse. Daisuke had carefully examined the travelling papers. Guests for the Topaz Championship, behind his mask he hid the sorrow at the death of youth, but it was a luxury not granted as long as pockets of the plague still haunted the lands.

Welcome all - to a war ravaged and plague stricken Rokugan. Decades after the Destroyer and Plague wars, the Emerald Empire still has not recovered - but that is where your generation comes in.

This game will be using the 4th Edition Legend of the Five Rings rules.

The story begins with the Topaz Championship, but will have a small timeskip after that (because playing 15 year old samurai is only really fun for a brief window). There will be a mix of social and combat aspects to the game, but I'd put the court aspects of the game at closer to 70-75% of the games focus so please make sure your characters are not going to be bored every second of the time.

I'm looking for 7-9 interested players, partly to account for dropout, and partly to make the Championship interesting as I don't intend to run more than three or four NPC competitors. Beyond that - my experience is that a large game flows and moves better without the GM having to constantly poke and prod things forward by having more inter-party activity.

And on the matter of posting - what I expect: Ideally a post a day minimum, though we'll say at least five posts a week. What I offer: You'll get at minimum 8-12 posts a week from me, though there will be days in between at times. Most weeks I'll be closer to 20 as long as I'm needed.

Character Creation Rules and some world material specific to the campaign are in the forums.. as you'll note - you'll have a chance to determine the route the world went between the end of the Destroyer War and the present day.

I'll work with people to come up with good concepts that work for the game, so if you have any questions, please let me know.

Game Description:

It is summer in the year 1210 of the Isawa Calendar. Iweko I, the Child of Heaven and Divine Empress of Rokugan, died three years ago. With her died thirty years of peace in the Emerald Empire. Her eldest daughter was long dead at the time of her passing, leaving only Iweko Kanashime and Iweko Yoshio to claim the throne. In the same Winter Court that marked the passing of Iweko I, Iweko Yoshio was severely injured as his sister revealed deep connections to the Lying Darkness in a bid for the throne.

The two Imperial heirs have fought a shadow war in the years since. The samurai Clans of Rokugan array behind one heir or the other, marshaling their own forces as the Imperial Legions descend into chaos. It is an era of madness and pain as the Iweko Dynasty withers on the vine.

The Ikoma historians would later call this period The Second Clan War.


In The Second Clan War, a roleplay-heavy adventure for Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition, players can look forward to many opportunities. Players will create an “adventuring” character and a second, “lord”, character. Lord characters will offer players the opportunity to play as and define important personages in the setting such as the Jeweled Champions, Imperial Governor, and Clan Champions.

This game promises lots of individual player interaction as well as giving them the chance to define a new era in storied Rokugan.

I am thinking a Scorpion Shugenja. Not sure what kind though. Never actually went through the motions of playing a shugenja before, so this might be a good time to try.

I'm thinking of rolling a Matsu bushi. Probably the second son of a remarkable Lion general except living in the shadow of a more famous older brother.

Im building a Hida bushi for three different games currently. Even tho I stand no chance at winning and may be a little "obtuse" in court, I will stand to play the part... If your willing to bend the rules on the new (yuck) Moto school... maybe a more barbaric samurai will take his place

Any chance of you taking on readers?
This surely sounds like an really interesting game, but I am not sure whether I have the time to whip up an application. Just reading would be a nice alternative tho

The great clans book is previewing a new moto vindicator for 4e.

If i can just use the rank one over the standard Moto rank one tech id be satasfied

I'd love to participate with a Bayushi Bushi. Third son of an impoverished house with a healthy amount of ambition, and a low amount of scruples. Will be Kakita-like in terms of spread between courtier and bushi skills.


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