The Charge of the Monster Brigade

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The Charge of the Monster Brigade

The Charge of the Monster Brigade - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

Well I am staring a new game, this is going to be the first time I do it online, but I have run tabletop games before, mostly exalted.

It is expected that people expect to post at least once a day, even if it is just a brief post. When this can't be done a day or two notice would be nice.

Currently the closing is set tentatively for the 4'th of September, if I get many good applications before then I might close it early.

Game Description:

The Dark General enters the briefing room where you are all gathered. Behind him the wall gets overlaid with an illusory map of the world.
“As you all well know VICTORY, Glorious Victory! is in our hands. The surface has been conquered, the gods enslaved, all that remains are a few rebellious cities hidden deep in the underdark and a ragtag band of misfits. Unfortunately you all have joined the empire too late to partake in my GLORIOUS LEADERSHIP! But fear not for another opportunity awaits. The EMPRESS in her infinite wisdom has decided to you younglings a chance by annexing another prime material plane. However the target chosen by her highness has some problems, problems that will give some young and enterprising minions the chance to distinguish themselves.
“The world she has chosen is Zawordu, It is in many ways a silly world, it’s round instead of being sensibly square shaped, and instead of the Labyrinth being sensibly at the center of the world it instead goes around the edge. That’s right the edge, their world is not warp-around if you can believe it. Anyway we are getting a bit of topic, the problem with the world is that they have a more or less unified world government, or at least unified enough to quickly band together against a external threat, and yet they also have enough border skirmishes and unrest that their armies are large and in practice.”
“Furthermore, the transport spell to send the initial group through the Labyrinth to establish a beachhead is somewhat limited which is why ones so young as you will be given this Glorious Opportunity. In the same vein the transport spell can’t transport gear so you will have to scrounge your own equipment in Zawordu. Finally Their Labyrinth is at the edge of the world, which happens to be a frozen wasteland, while this will allow you to enter the world undetected it does present some survival challenges to most, but that is why you where chosen. Well that and your ability to pass for one of the lesser humanoid races.”
“Your mission will be to break up the world into feuding factions, without exposing that there is an outside force at work, namely you. One that is done you are to build a gate so that the armies of our glorious empress can take over those lesser people. So who are the lucky volunteers?”

Labyrinth is what separates ‘spheres’ from each other, and each sphere contains multiple interconnected planes. Since the cosmology will be different planar travel and teleport effects will ussualy not work, but that depends on the spell/means.

Creation rules: Start at second level, race must be from oslecamo’s thread. You are strongly encouraged to use homebrew for any other classes you wish. 35 point buy. The game is aiming for high tier 3, and will be a mix of combat, social, dungeon crawling and city adventuring. The first level or two will focus mainly on survival and take place in an arctic wasteland, so make sure your character is equipped to handle that, without any, well, equipment. :) Also your character must be able to pass for an human or elf or similar. Look up oslecam’s Deceivingly Innocent Form, it should help with that if your base race can’t (see the race thread).
Houserules are here.

I don't explicitly ban anything, but since I'm aiming for tier 3 an artificer is quite unlikely to be accepted. Please keep that in mind.

You all get the Minnion Template applied. The minion template gives:
* +2 to all stats
* Hidden Talent (XPH pg 67) as a bonus feat.
* Martial Study (ToB pg 31) as a bonus feat.
* A Minor Bloodline.

These represent the advanced education, training and help you have gotten as a minion of the empire, and being the cream of the crop.

Available flaws:
Fanatically Loyal: You value the Empress over your own life, this mainly affect charm and divination effects that would usually stop you from killing yourself instead stopping you from betraying the empress.
Racially Pure: You do not have a Minor bloodline, and the monster feats are unavailable to you.

Other flaws may be considered but don’t count on them.

It’s expected that you will level quickly. Any alignment is available, even though technically you are working for an evil empire, so are the LG and CG gods.

Language Notes
* Imperial; Not spoken in Zawordu, everyone speaks this for free)
* Tungumal; Main trade language spoken in Tyria, Soldia and all major trade locations. This replaces common so just about everyone gets it for free.
* Draconic; genrally only spoken in Ignis, but old records are sometimes in this language.
* Sylvian; Only spoken in the Great Forrest and Alfrheim. It is also known as Elvish since those are the main speaker of this language.
* Dwarven; Spoken in Dvergrheim, there are 12 major dialects, but they are close enough that if you can speak one you can speak them all.
* Hizkuntza; Spoken in Belith and parts of the Aliance of a Hundered Kingdoms, often considered the Orc or Goblin language.
* Aquan; In some parts of the Three Sisters this language is stubornly kept alive, but it is generally only spoken underwater.

Lost languages (must be bought with skillpoints, unless you get more than 3 bonus languages probably not worth it unless you go for the archeology archtype.)
* High Generous; This language is extinct except for some very old records. It used to be spoken by the nobility of the Generous Empire of the Shining Light, usually shortened to just the Generous.
* Old Banesty; Used by some cults, said to predate the Generous. Since it is supposed to be the language of forbidden knowledge there are a lot of prank texts written in this language.

I like the troll class, once I find the Deceivingly Innocent Form thingamy, found it on page 26, took a bit of digging, control F is your friend
also will this be gestalt or will the racial class levels be free, or will the players need to work through them

This looks interesting, and I have always rather liked the Verdant Prince...very elf-like (except those pesky horns, and the hooves...I guess he's satyr-like)

You'll have to work through the racial class levels, but unlike the savage species ones you can duck out and come back in later. There won't be gestalt since the racial classes tend to be fairly strong an versatile, and roughly the power level I am aiming for.

There is an index in the second post, which includes a link to the feats.

What sort of end level are we looking at? This is more than interesting enough for me to take a look at, but the possibilities also make me think much more about how I'm going to go about building my character.

Daelkyr write up in progress... man this looks like fun. I haven't been this excited about making a character in a long time.

Originally Posted by ChaosHarbinger View Post
What sort of end level are we looking at? This is more than interesting enough for me to take a look at, but the possibilities also make me think much more about how I'm going to go about building my character.
We might hit epic but it probably won't go too much over 20, or we might stop in the high teens range. It depends in part on the players.

Right thanks, working on a character now.

Can we get the Deceptively Innocent Form spelled out or the direct link posted. Having a rough time finding that.


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