Me first!

So I know there are creation guidelines for PCs, if something isn't mentioned does it fall unto the current GM to rule if it's possible or not?

For example a PC in my game has a familiar as bond, but would like to apply to him the young template - granted I advised him to do so because he wanted a smaller version of his familiar. Can I/him do that?

As far as I can tell it's not covered in the PFS guide.

Yes, I would say that this is allowed.

Small and vermin creatures are covered in the APG & Ultimate Magic. The new familiars under the Witch class in the APG specifically calls out that the octopus familiar is a young version of the normal animal.

I just noticed something in the rules:

Note: In case it hasn't been made abundantly clear, every player and GM on this forum must have access to a scanner. Chronicle Sheets are the most important factors in maintaining accurate records within the Society, and are therefore integral to the PFS. If you are not capable of scanning your Chronicle Sheet, then you should not join this forum.
I had been planning on using a program I have that allows you to write over PDFs (by adding text boxes and things like that) and then it saves it as a new pdf. That way I can just fill in things for the characters. It's free for mac, but there must be something like it for PC. How about doing things that way?

It's not a bad idea Hugh and something I'm willing to consider myself to save time. One question I have is whether or not it is possible to insert a signature or initials to show it has been signed off by the GM if we head down this path. There should be something out there that would allow you to - perhaps by adding it as an image even. Not too up to date with the latest software...

Yeah, the signature and initials are essential. If you can find a tool that allows you to add those onto the sheet, then a fillable PDF is fine.

Hello, I've finished my Scenario and I'm currently filling out the chronicles sheets, I have a question though.

What should I input for event and event code?

Another set of question.

I plan to go with First steps part two now, do I bring the same players? open up a new muster? If I'm to keep the current players, I'm missing one player from the original roster, should I recruit one more? how should I proceed?

Magent, good job on finishing your scenario so quickly! I'm away from my computer for most of the night, and I only have my iPhone. I'll respond in depth later, but do not distribute any chronicle sheets yet.


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