It can get a little weird. When I DMed my first scenario we were all level 3. The players decided to play up for that scenario so they earned the Tier 4-5 reward but I had to use Tier 1-2 when I applied the chronicle to my 3rd level PC. No risk, no reward. It all gets easier as you get used to the system.

I was under the impression that the Tier 1 chronicles could be applied to any character that didn't already have one. I'll have to go back and re-read.

I have an interesting problem, and I don't know exactly how to solve it.

So the job in my players' campaign is to "find" and idol of an evil god. In the GM text, it suggest that the players are supposed to bring it back to Absalom, but in the mission text, it only uses the word "find." One of the characters thinks that the best thing to do is take the time needed to destroy the idol, so that it cannot exert any influence on anyone. I see the reasoning behind this, but it isn't exactly fulfilling the mission.

Should I just allow this to happen, or impose a consequence for destroying rather than retrieving the target?

Which faction is it? I would judge it by how their faction leader would respond.

Absalom/Silver Crusade? Heck yeah, good job!

Cheliax/Osirion/Grand Lodge/Sczarni? What is wrong with you? We wanted to study/use this! FAIL.

Taldor/etc.? Well, I guess you did exactly what we asked, you dunce. Grudging OK. (RP penalty only)
Even these, they wanted it for a reason. I would probably still fail, here.

If the question is whether or not to award a chronicle sheet, then you should definitely do so, even if they destroy the idol.

I think he is referring to awarding the Prestige Point associated with the mission, not denying the guy a chronicle sheet.

EDIT: How does the mission as presented to the player read, exactly?

This is the overall mission for all the players, not just a faction mission (but the player's decision does match his faction ideology).

It's not a question of awarding the chronicle sheet, but I was just curious RP-wise.

OH. oh. Yeah, that is not good.

I would encourage them not to destroy it - perhaps roll a DC 10~15 WIS check for everyone, then inform those who succeed (via the private tag) that what the player is intending probably isn't a good idea (against their mission).

In this case, I would err on the side of leniency.

EDIT: If it was a Season 3, they would all lose the mission completion PP. But this is not a season 3 scenario, correct?

Also, because it takes so long to complete a scenario on PbP, I would be extremely lenient. As long as they make it to the end, and haven't been deliberately throwing the mission out the window, then they shouldn't be punished. I might even go so far as to flat out tell them that destroying the idol does not complete the mission, especially if a PP is at stake. The goal is to have fun, after all.


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