Need replacement PFRPG spellcaster

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Need replacement PFRPG spellcaster

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I am running the module "The Crypt of the Everflame" as an introduction to a campaign. PCs are first level and are inhabitants of Kassen, in Nirmathas.

We just had our only spellcaster drop out for personal reasons. I would like either a new spellcaster (preferably a Cleric), or someone to pick up the poor, abandoned Sorcerer.

I will give Pathfinder GM's preference in selection, but I am looking to fill this slot quickly.

Game Description:

Someone once said that is was "better to die fighting for freedom than to live life in chains." This is the setting in a nutshell.


Laying in the middle of the sub-continent of Avistan, hundreds of miles north of the Inner Sea, is a land of primarily freedom-loving, generous people. The woodsmen, rangers, trappers, artisans, fishermen and townsfolk of this land established a fiercely independant nation, Nirmathas, by rebelling against the rule of its southern neighbor, the militaristic Molthune.

The campaign begins with characters with ties to this land, in particular to the large town of Kassen. These individuals now prepare to embark on their lives as adults, once they undergo a coming-of-age ritual.

Campaign basics:

This is a campaign beginning with first-level characters, set in the world of Golarion... initially in the nation of Nirmathas. The first adventure will be taken from a module, with subsequent campaign events to be created based on the composition of the group.

Humm I have this idea I have been wanting to try. Would you consider allowing an Alt Summoner called a Drake tamer from Open design's Book of drakes?

No Open Source materials. Sorry. I guess I also should mention that we actually roll stats in this game... that doesn't seem to be the norm.

No it is not the norm any longer, even I switched to point buy a few years back. You might also want to include allowed books and any char generation info as well. And no worries, not many allow 3pp stuff, but never hurts to ask.

I would be happy for the chance to take it, perhaps with the goal to alternate cleric and wizard for mystic theurge should the game go that long?

I'm pretty much adverse to splat books and power builds though, so if it is an optimized party I might be a little weak.

You might want to look at the witch from the APG, which can be found in the PRD for free. It is an Arcane caster with s mix wiz/cleric spell list for that mystic Theurge style class from level 1.

For any who may be interested, I placed a thread in the game forums with character creation details here.

If we're to be considered an optimized party, it'd be with a heavy combat focus. Our party so far is an Elf Fighter (myself), a Human Barbarian, a Human Rogue and a Human Ranger.

I may join if this is still up as a spellslinger

Looks like you could really use a healer, then.
I'm running an intro to PF rules game and only playing in one 3.5 game right now, so I have time for this (=

Would you be interested in a healing-focused Oracle? I'm wanting to build an Oracle (or Cleric) that doesn't do melee. They can do ranged combat some, but mostly would be there for support and healing, since you have a good deal of heavy hitters already, according to electricpiper.

Either way, I can put something together today to apply. Want application posts here or in the linked character thread?


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