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New pathfinder sheet

Originally Posted by Plugsy View Post
It was broke for a couple hours and I didn't realize. You must have saved during that time so no, sorry, the data doesn't exist.
Unfortunately this isn't correct. I was off camping while the sheet was being modified, I returned and checked my sheet for the game I'm in and it was missing.

Additionally, nearly every single person in the game I'm in has the same issue.

Until you put all the necessary info in it can't work on non-data. No size entered - lot's of stuff doesn't work.

Your skills still have colons in, I changed that ~5 days ago. If you are still seeing colons clear your cache.

Originally Posted by Plugsy View Post

In fact, link me to 2 sheets which display the issue if you've got them. Then for each sheet describe what happens to CMD when you update dex.
Okay, here are 2 sheets that show the issue (at home, but not at work)

The feats 1-? (the data input into those slots) are now missing in all of my pathfinder sheets... even ones I haven't opened since I created them.

Are they gone forever?

TBH, I have no idea what has happened. Originally I thought it was because of a typo I'd made on an input tag.

I fixed the typo, everything worked when tested so I assumed that had been the problem. Now there are some examples which only show data missing from part of the left column and with saves from before that time. If the tag had been the problem it would have affected the whole column as it's generated by repeating that single input tag. There's no way that typo could only affect part of the column.

How data can go missing from sheet that haven't been saved, how it only seems to affect a few sheets I currently have no idea. Even if a backup exists so we could go back and reload I've no idea how to identify which sheets may be affected.

Well, that is a bummer, but we'll muddle through. Thanks for taking a look at it.
I'm glad to see the sheet getting better all the time, and I really appreciate all the work that you guys are doing with it and the site.

I'm running a Pathfinder game and have recommended my players not switch to the Pathfinder sheets yet as I know there were some issues going on the last few weeks. I have not seen any comments on this recently and was wondering if anybody using the sheets could comment on if they are working reliably enough now that I could recommend my players switch over to the PF sheet?

There are still some odd issues with autocalc which I'm working on where a couple of odd fields don't update.

I'm no longer working on the live sheet, I've duplicated it to a test area so nothing will change on sheets users have access to until I've finished a total rewrite of the autocalc with an eye on future sheet features.

It should be as safe as any other sheet but if you want to be doubly sure take an XML dump.

Unfortunately all the time I've had for the last couple weeks have been taken up with other matters.

EDIT: And there are still some cross browser layout issues that prevent adjacent columns being the same length.

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