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New pathfinder sheet

Thought people should know I have had half the info from my PF character sheet disappear. Link All skills, feats, equipment and spells were blank spaces, as well as part of the weapon and armour stats.

I had a 3.5 sheet that I used to replace the skills and feats, but have yet to get to the equipment and spells. It's not a complete loss of data and what's lost can be copy-pasted back, it's just time consuming.

If you run into this issue, please, do not save the sheet again. We've been unable to duplicate this issue ourselves (it happens so rarely) and we're not sure what exactly causes it. It could be related to loading the data into the page (which would mean the data is still in the database, but not getting displayed), if so, saving it again removes the info in the db and leaves us without a way to check the exact status of a sheet once this problem happens.

It's also an issue that has nothing to do with it being a pathfinder sheet. However, the warning that appeared on all pathfinder sheets suggests you keep your own XML backup. Did you keep a dump, if so that information could provide us with data that could possibly help track the problem.

I did make a dump... it seems to be an empty template when I opened it up and is also labelled PF_blank.xml, so I didn't use it to replace what was there.

Are you guys still working on/maintaining the PF sheet? If so, I have two humble requests:

1. Would it be possible to give the entry "Feats & Special Abilities" a few more lines? If you'd move the entry "Other Possessions" a few inches downards this should be no problem, as there is some empty space right now, thanks to the skill list on the left.

2. Another thing I'd love to see is an entry for Concentration checks, or just the caster level, maybe below the "Action Points" entry? Especially for multiclassed characters, this would be a welcome addition.

I was working on a replacement but the whole system has been changed so that's a write off.

A significant reason I started from scratch is because I damned if I can find what browser default settings cause feats/possessions to vary between browsers. TBH, I though it filled the column in some browsers but I just checked 5 browsers and there does seem to be some space there in all of them.

I'll try to take a look in the next couple days. How much input space is needed for CL? (I assume as much as possible for multiclassing)

Sounds great, thanks.

I was thinking of just a single box for your effective CL, and maybe Concentration check right beside it. Shouldn't take more than a single line, and should also fit into the existing layout. Would be cool if it wasn't down where the spells are but on the first page.

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