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New pathfinder sheet

CMB now auto calcs.

I can't really do anymore w/o starting on the layout - need 2 more cols for skills, need extra field for dodge bonuis to calc CMD and some other layout changes.

I think I need to finish the DF sheet before I go any further with this.

Forgot to mention, I needed to rename some CMB fields so if you'd saved a sheet before now you may need to update that row.

There seem to be issues with the sheet. I've tested it in both IE and Firefox, and for some reason none of the auto calulation works and only a few of the auto-fills actually work. Here is a test sheet to show you what I mean. I love the idea of a Pathfinder sheet, but for the moment it seems that it doesn't want to work. If this is just a WIP problem that is fine, I can wait till you're done.

It is still an interim sheet because it's based off the old 3.5 sheet which also needs replacing. Whther it's a WIP or I call a stop there and continue with the new one I've yet to decide. With the need to rework all old sheets we didn't want to add yet another that needed redoing. That combined with the fact people kept telling us its just different skills and 2 boxes for CMB CMD explain the delay. It's unfortunate that nobody ever articulated the level of difference effectively, something I only realized after doing 2 days work on it.

Having said that the stuff I've worked on so far all works when I test it. Even in IE all the autocalc should work coz IEs JS engine isn't an issue, only it's DOM event handling and CSS cause problems.

Everything I've worked on so far seems to work for me. Only thing I'm not sure of is the class skills for the new classes as they're just a huge table of ones and zeros and
I know how to selects cols for command mode in vim. I couldn't figure out how to keep the col selected so I could type in it. If anyone knows how, or can confirm it's impossible please tell me.
needed typing in as vertical cols

All CMB calcs work as does all the skill stuff (except ACP & +3 for CSB coz the fields aren't there yet).

So you'll need to be more specific. What's not working for you?

Plugsy: I think most groups use the Medium advancement track...
If it's easy, I say include all three. If it's harder to code, just the medium should be okay, or none at all.
It's tough for me to say, I abandoned the XP concept a while back, preferring to let the DM decide when a level up is earned.

EDIT: Okay, looks like you edited out the XP comment...

Lol, you answered a question I edited out to keep things clearer intending to ask later. Thanks anyway, I still needed to know. It's not too hard, I'll add all 3.

Awesome. Glad to help heheh
Somehow I missed that you were already working on a new generation of sheets--that's fantastic!

The DF sheet is being a pain, thought I'd take a break and do a bit more on this but until I know about this "not working" issue I'm reticent.

Can anyone else throw any light on it? Even if it's to confirm it all seems to work.


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