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New pathfinder sheet

What if the text above the save boxes were reorganized to be in a single line? I'm talking about the light grey:


...and the like, above the various categories of save modifiers.

Then, there might be room for a situational save modifier Block that ran as a bar underneath the save boxes (using the saved vertical space and some of the white space above Total Attack Bonus etc.)

It would look like this:

[SAVE MODIFIERS] [_____________________________________________________]

I'm not saying it's a huge problem for me but most of the non-human races could use this, as could many of the classes (Modifiers due to Barbarian rage for instance). Just trying to translate the other guy's complaint...

Originally Posted by Greycloak View Post
What if the text above the save boxes were reorganized to be in a single line? I'm talking about the light grey:
It's on 2 lines because it won't fit on one so it auto-wrapped on to 2.

There are several things that need doing which involve changing the layout of the sheet. Its gonna be a 2 or 3 weeks before I'll have time to be redoing the layout. I might even redo the layout from scratch because once I start looking in detail at what's needed it might be easier than reworking this one.

Need extra columns for skills, extra protective item rows (though I may do that as body slots), extra fieids for AC misc. Those are just the ones mentioned in the last few posts of this thread. Nobody has even mentioned yet what's needed for Inquistors & Gunslingers or Psionics.

Sry let me try to be more clear. BTW this is not a complaint. Ok so, What I mean is REMOVE the 3 Temp Mod Boxes at the far right of the Saving throws. Then you should have room to put in one Big(ish) Box for situational Modifiers from Spell or Racial Bonuses. This Box could be used for Temp Mods also, I just want to be able to write want what the + is for eg "+2vsFear"
So I was kinda hoping for a box that look like the "Currency" box but put where the 3 Temp Mod Boxes are at Present.

I didn't think it was a complaint, I'd rather everyone brought up anything they think would be a valid change even if I have to say no to all of 'em. Feedback on stuff that ultimately can't be done is better than people who just post comments in their game forums which will never get considered.

Anyway, sorry but this is gonna be one of those nos, it's not practical.

The misc boxes are used in autocalc for all those misc things which aren't situational. Making them into big boxes would make it impossible to tell what value belongs to which row. Changing that would be unpopular and more importantly it would change the expected and preexisting autocalc functionality causing total confusion.

Pathfinder sheet : Stealth still not getting ACP penalty

I reported this several months ago, and someone said they would look at it...but its still not fixed, and its not listed on the bug tracker either. What happened?

It works perfectly for me. Can I get links to any sheets which are having this problem?

EDIT: Just been back and checked your original post. I fixed it then but I didn't understand at that time that there were other related issues. Since then I spent 2 weeks totally rewriting large parts of the autocalc, ACP is one of the parts I targeted and I thought it was pretty bullet proof now.

Not sure why, but there seems to be a new problem with Dexterity affecting Armor Class.

This was not a problem in my previous Pathfinder sheets, so I'm not sure why it is there now. Hope it can be fixed.

In case it helps, here is the link to the sheet I am referring to:

Edit: Never mind. It fixed itself. I'm not sure what went wrong or how it got better, but Dexterity affects AC once again. Strange.

Hi, I have a problem...

Whenever I add a rank to one my character's class skills I get a +4 instead of +3, is there any particular reason for this? I admit I'm newish to pathfinder, but the book says +3, as does everything else I look at, but you add +4.


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