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New pathfinder sheet

I have a couple of questions/wishes for the PF sheet:

- Would it be possble to have more entries under "Protective Items"? I'm thinking of two additional ones, maybe as a drop-down or you can add new entries with a button, so its not such a huge wall of unnecessary tables at early levels.

- Is it possible to include new class powers and features in "Spells and Powers"? For example a witch's hex or an inquisitor's judgement... as it is, you cram them somewhere (like in "Feats & Special Abilities"), but its neither neat nor easy on the eye when reading. Like above, you could make the appearance of "Spells and Powes" dependent on checkboxes, where one selects the appropriate powers of his class.

- Langues needs more entries. With every single rank put into Linguistics resulting in a new language, I think you end up with more of them in later levels compared to 3.5. I made a 1st level PF gnome rogue with 14 INT and I have only two entries left for new languages...

- It would be nice to have a table for your animal companion, so you have the most vital statistics with you.


I'm having a problem with autocalculation on the Pathfinder CS not working for things beyond attribute modifiers. Not the skills, not the saves, not the attack bonus, not even the carrying capacity. The only thing that autocalculates like it ought to is the attributes, and their direct modifiers immediately to the right of them.

I've tried this in Firefox as well as Internet Explorer, cleared my cache completely, added Mythweavers to popups allowed, disabled the popup-blocks altogether, restarted and reset Firefox, and even got snappy with a friend who was trying to look into it. She wasn't able to duplicate the error -- and, indeed, when I added her as an editor to my sheet, she even was able to get the autocalculations working just fine for her.

I tried to make a new Pathfinder sheet, and the problem persisted. When I made a new sheet with D&D 3.5 just to see what was what, the autocalculations worked exactly like they ought to have, so clearly it seems to be a problem just with me, and just with Pathfinder.

Any suggestions?

Here's a link to the original sheet. As you can see, autocalculations have failed:

That is strange.

Try forcing an update of the autocalcs by adding a temp ability scores.

That should autocalc the dependent values and you can then delete the temp score again having the autocalc of the actual ability scores.

While not a solution, it is a workaround for the interim...

1. Changes to STR did not trigger CMD updates.Fixed.

2. Dodge bonus was not getting included in calculations. Fixed.

3 Changing BAB failed to recalculate the total bonus for the other two rows which use BAB. Fixed.

4. Put the right values in the CMB size table.

Kalla: try now. Your sheet works when I try it. Obviously skills can't be completed for you because of your class, might be easiest to set it to Druid, Autofill, UpdateCS, change your class back and adjust skills as necessary.

igbo: I think that fixes everything for you.

Whisper: Tried it after reading your reply. Didn't work.

Plugsy: The first CS I made I used "Arctic Druid" in the class, and it didn't work. The second time I tried it, just in case the first CS was somehow bugged, I just made it as a straight Druid. No joy. Also, using Auto-Fill seems to wipe out the entirety of the skill list except for Acrobatics, and Update CS doesn't seem to do anything at all.

Also, in the "Other Possessions" category, the total weight autocalculates correctly, but under Skills, the Total Skill Points does not. I'm including a link to the second CS I tried to make; some things were auto-calced correctly by my friend who I made into an editor of the sheet, when she logged into try it. Ever since then, however, any other changes have not been taking.

I'm adding a few random numbers into misc mods to demonstrate.

@ Kalla - You might want to try using one of the following abbreviations that Plugsy coded. There's an off-chance that it will give you more success.

Originally Posted by Plugsy View Post
Alc Cav Inq Ora Sum Wit APal
Bbn Brd Clr Drd Ftr Mnk Pal Rgr Rog Sor Wiz ab

You'll have to add Oracle mystery skills by hand, at least for now.

Abbreviations won't make any difference. Whatever the problem it's at the user end. I'm thinking that there's a mix of problems, first using Arctic Druid which isn't Base or Core so when trying a different browser the behavior was correct.

However, at this stage it seems to me there is still some issue with either cache or some js blocking. Looking at the most recent link it's not even possible to set things like that when I do it.

Run Firefox in safe mode, clear cache. It could be related to AV software but some extension seems most likely.

I created a druid and not had a problem with it, once I set the class to being straight Druid (and not the Mooncaller version.) I'm using Firefox 6. Took me a while to get the skills to include the +3 CS, but using the Auto Fill and then Update CS made the necessary changes, and I was able to save and update multiple times.

But it did automatically fill in all the stats modifiers and other bits when I put them in.

Alrighty, then~

After reading hecklenjyde's comment, I decided to try updating my FireFox. I was using FireFox 3.x.x and upgraded all the way to FireFox 6. Aside from it looking completely weird now, which will take some getting used to, I am pleased to report that the Pathfinder CS seems to be autocalcing everything correctly.

Good times.

Thank you all for looking into this for me. Sorry for being such a PITA as a new person

Originally Posted by Plugsy View Post
igbo: I think that fixes everything for you.
Thanks Plugsy! It works great!

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